EGE 2016 Game Jam (cancelled)

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Due to poor response we've had to cancel the jam.

I'm going to chat with the organisers to see what we can do with the space they allocated

Hi All,

The organizers of EGE have invited Make Games to host a game Jam to be run during the weekend of EGE (July 29- July 30). This is seperate to the Free Lives Jam happening prior to the event.

There will be cordoned-off area especially for the jammers to keep your stuff safe, along with some limited space at the Free Lives Stand. The jam will run from Friday to Saturday, and the resulting games will be put on display at the IESA stand on the Sunday. I'm also looking at getting some centre-stage time on Sunday to show off the games that are being made.

The Jam area will have 24 Hour Access and a dedicated security person. You will need to bring your own equipment. For now there are no prizes. Theme will be announced at the event.

If you are interested in joining the Jam I need you to either reply to this thread or email me at nickhall[at]iesa[dot]org[dot]za with your details.

The jam will be running in two 8 hour sprints, from 12 noon to 8pm on Friday and Saturday. This time limit will be strictly enforced at the venue and after 8pm jammers will be escorted out (for security and safety reasons).

On Sunday the jam area will be closed but all jammers will have an opportunity to present their game on the main stage.

I need to have confirmation by Wednesday 27 July if you want to attend the jam in order to organize passes.

You can continue to jam after the 8pm deadline off site and have team members off site, but at least one person in the team needs to be at EGE in order to formally participate.


  • Oh that's interesting, are we aiming for this to be a full jam for the full duration of the event? It seems like it would be a good idea to run more 8 hour formats rather than going for the full thing, since there's an event going on all around, no?

    Of course people are free to jam or not jam during the time, too. Free will :)
  • I'm interested! I might not be able to attend on both days though :(

    @Tuism I really like the 8 hour format, I think two 8 hour sprints on the same prototype could be an ideal format for me personally.
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  • Totally agreed, I think over the two days of a con, having two 8 hour jams is better. Whether people use them to work on one thing or two things is up to them. And it would also be cool to make the times a bit off of the main con time, so there's overlap but make the "official" 8 hour periods run into the night, which would afford people time to be part of the con as well.

    And if people want to work outside of the "official" 8 hour periods that's fine too I'm sure :)
  • Do we have to be at the event to enter, or can we enter from home?
  • OP updated with new details.

    @StormGameDev yea, but at least one of your team needs go be at the venue in order to formally participate
  • Guys I have only had two responses for people wanting to jam, if I don't get at least 8 I will need to cancel, please let me know ASAP
  • I'll be jamming! I think I've got some booth responsibilities or something at the Free Lives stand on Friday afternoon, but I'll be jamming for the remainder of that, and on Saturday. :)
  • I can't make this jam :( I had wanted to, but an unavoidable social event came up.
  • I'm jamming! Definitely jamming!!! If not then.... I'll jam anyway!!! Probably Sat and Sunday, possibly Friday, depending if people are going through from the Strand :)
  • Updated OP. Jam cancelled due to insufficient participants
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