Cipher Prime (Auditorium, Fractal, Pulse) on publicity for your games.

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Hi r/gamedev! Long post incoming:
I'm one of the devs at Cipher Prime, a four person studio in Philadelphia. We've been around for four years, and we've released a handful of games commercially (including Auditorium (web demo here), Fractal, and Pulse).

We're finishing up a month long Kickstarter for the multiplayer sequel to Auditorium, called Auditorium Duet. We're at $51k of $60k, it ends Friday at midnight, and success or failure is still up in the air. I wanted to share some of the things we've learned from the experience thus far. Maybe it will give those of you at companies in a similar position (i.e. the game developers who aren't part-time hobbyists but also aren't Tim Schafer :) ) some ideas, and please feel free to contribute in comments!

The main message: Publicity is the hardest part of game development. Not a novel idea, but the Kickstarter really hammered it home. Whether it succeeds or fails, it's given us plenty of invaluable practice. The Kickstarter hasn't been easy (see our progress to date), and we think our main issue is simply not getting enough eyes on the project. UPDATE: progress to date + five hours. UPDATE 2: Funded! :) + Kickstarter backend data if you're into that sort of thing.

Some of the things we've tried/wished we'd tried/learned:
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My thoughts:
It is more discussional, but there is a good list of things to consider doing yourself, and they also cover how they decided on their figure for what would make their project work (it has helped me re-estimate what my plans are by pointing things out that I hadn't thought of originally).

More importantly, what are YOUR plans for getting your name out there for your games?
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