Unity + Playmaker = even artists can make a (commercial) game?

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An article about an artist/3D guy who made a game with Unity and Playmaker plugin. It was so codeless that one of the "cons" he cited for the system was that he still had to do "a few lines of code"...

Gamasutra - Features - Suck at Coding, But Make Games Anyway http://pulse.me/s/g6ch8

Anyone know anything about this Playmaker, is it any good, compare to game maker, is it easier still?

Took him a year, and is a pretty decent looking 3D space orbiter game called Unknown Orbit. Artists crossing successfully (relatively) into the game maker role completely warms my cockles :)
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  • I posted something about visual scripting on SAGD a while back and the feedback and research I found on it in general was that its certainly possible. However, you still need to learn coding practises like object orientation. I was personally looking at antares universe as it looked more powerful but the documentation was rather poor.

    I suspect that visual scripting will be very useful for designers to push out workable prototypes at which point you could hire a programmer to do the meat of the coding.. but who knows? It's certainly interesting what's out there atm :)
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