Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse


  • I think maybe having a tiny bit of overlap animation on the main core of the mech will make it seem heavier. If the mech is running full speed ahead and suddenly the player kicks in reverse if the top of the mech carried of forward just a little that slight hint of momentum might help sell some weight.
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  • Oh, watching the gif more I'm suddenly noticing how rigid the top part of the mech is. Bobbing up and down and adding the sway you are talking about will probably add a lot, thanks!

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    Ok, so finally an actual release date, February 26 2018.

    I made a trailer as sort of a parody of the Transformers totally over dramatic style.

    It was actually a lot of fun to play around in After Effects for a change
  • That looks super cool! :D

    I know this is coming months late, and in your post you said you're already aware of the legs moving simultaneously, but in case it helps: for four-legged animals, when they're walking/trotting, the order that they typically move in has diagonals moving immediately after one another (e.g. front-left, back-right, front-right, back-left). For heavier creatures (I don't know what weight you're aiming for) you try to keep three legs in contact with the ground at a time to give the impression of trying to support a heavy weight. When the creature breaks out into a run, then the order changes to being both front legs together (with a small offset) followed by both back legs.
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  • Thanks @Elyaradine!
    I decided that I'm continually adding stuff but not getting anywhere meaningful and I just need to actually call it "finished". So I abandoned the leg improvement stuff, and will come back to it after release (I guess if anyone actually buys the game).

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  • Apologies for being almost totally MIA from MGSA recently :-(

    New trailer
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    9 days until launch. This end part is significantly harder than the dev

    Some person played the game here, at 8m
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