EGE 2016 Game Industry Panel and Project Introductions

Hi everyone,
Martin Rutgers from EGE has addressed us concerning the EGE 2016.
We agreed that the expo is a great chance to raise awareness about the fact that we have a very active and successful game developer community in the Cape Town area and great projects that people should know about. A lot of people coming to the expo have no idea that games like BroForce, Snailboy, Invasion Day or A Day in the Woods have been developed or are being developed in their neighbourhood.
So the idea we came up with is that there will be stage time for interested developers that want to present their current projects to an audience at the expo in a 15 - 20 minutes presentation.
We are also planning to have a panel discussion about the game industry.
If you are interested in participating please send me an email to

Have a great weekend!


  • Hey,
    we will also do a pre-warm for the EGE where we invite interested exhibitors to have a small booth and banners in while we have expo guests coming in for a pre-expo event. This will happen in about a month at Friends of Design. The pre-warm will feature talks by interesting people, as well.
    Will keep everyone updated as new details emerge.
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