[Event] SFA Super Hardware Jam 2!

Superfriends! How are you?! We know; "it's been too long"!

Since our last round of antics in Cape Town, we've thrown a full on SFA in Johannesburg, briefly sold-out to the man, and traveled to distance continents to spread our gospel! Now, back in our hometown, and armed with the profits from our stint as sellouts (plus heaps of inspiration and shiny new toys gained while overseas) we're gearing up to throw our next punk game spectacular!

In preparation of the next Super Friendship Arcade, join us on Saturday, the 28th of May for "Super Hardware Jam 2"; a day of breaking stuff and making stuff!


Our first hardware jam (held in December 2014) gave birth to SFA hits like Finger Twister. We're so stoked to spend more time together, playing with ideas for alternative controllers and interactive curiosities. Come hang out with us and make this happen!

The jam is being graciously hosted by the wonderful Curiosity Campus, giving us a fantastic space to play and build in. The jam kicks off at 11AM sharp and will run until 6PM when people can show off what they've made.

What to bring:
High Fives!

Optional extras:
Soldering irons!
Electronic components!
Cardboard boxes!
Extra high fives!

This event is free and open to anyone. SFA is all about growing a bigger, and more vibrant alternative gaming community. If you're interested in building things, and not yet a Superfriend, please join us and change that!

Be excellent to each other!



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