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I was trying to put a prototype on windows store and read somewhere that a beta cannot be released. So to anyone who has done windows phone games before, what will be the best way to make a release for a prototype?


  • You can put your proto on the Windows Store as a Beta. It will only be available for 90 days and only to people who you allow via email addresses.

    Unfortunately you cant put a proto into the public store for everyone to access.

  • Realistically you can generally put a prototype up publicly on the WP store, since certification is mostly automated.
    @DaveRussellSA probably knows the secrets, but from what I can gather they randomly pick a few to check, and the rest are automatically passed through cert. After that, once a game gets big enough they sometimes check them after cert and can email you to make the changes they want or remove the app within X days.

    Either way, go ahead and publish it as a public app, but make it hidden. That way you can just give the link to people (don't need to get their live-ID's), but also don't pollute the store with unfinished work (since it is hidden).
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