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Hi Guys,

We moving Toxic Bunny HD to the PS Vita. Well to be more specific to the Sony Mobile platform.

We looking forward to engaging with the makegamessa crowd (all of you :) ) as we do the port. You should know we planning
a lot of changes esp around the learning to play the game aspect. Tutorial coming out, in game hints at appropriate times
going in. More on that when we get there. We expect the Vita and other platforms will be a really good place for Toxic Bunny.

In the mean time here is a demo of the parallax system. We will be putting a blog up about the process (looking now
to decide where best to blog that, suggestions welcome). But the highlights are as follows.

You can watch the demo here.

RAM : 1.5mb
VRAM: 20mb (this for all 4 layers)
A zoom feature that will be used between sprinting and walking modes to allow a more dynamic experience as you play. (really wish we could have added this to the current one)

This video is from the emulator (we will still have to check how well it performs on the devices, but at least they all more or less equal so we have a really nice platform to work with.)

This was about 5 days of work by Bryan pretty happy with the results.
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  • Neat! Are you getting any support from Sony themselves? I know their dev programmes are quite actively looking for content producers.
  • Well so far just the SDK, we haven't really needed any support just yet.

    We hopeful that they will release the version with the texture compression in before we reach release date. The main issue
    is that South Africa is not zoned for publishing same as with the android market. We busy trying to solve that from the UK.

    One point of interest is that the SDK is c# kinda odd since its ultimately an Android build. Ofc we don't care about the
    language syntax so long as we can build the game. Hope to bring it along on a Vita to one of the meets.

    If we do find a channel to market from South Africa will be sure to let everyone know the approach that worked. Right now I have a shell
    business in the UK that is registering for a publishers license. Will then essentially sell via the UK but develop here in South Africa.
  • The PSM runtime is an implementation of Mono running natively on Vita and PS-Certified mobile devices, hence why the supported programming language is C# and not Java.
  • That is interesting. Would have expected it to be there own run time that used c# as a syntax similar to the way Android handles Java.
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