Sound Design and Music Composition

Hey everyone,

Over the past two and a half years I've been working in a few different audio fields (Radio, TV Final Mix and Music Composition for adverts and music Libraries) but I'm really keen to get into game audio. I'm currently learning the implementation side of it using Wwise.

Here's some Borderlands 2 game play I re-dubbed with music and sound:
And this is some of the music composition and post production work I've done:

If you need a sound guy on a permanent basis, freelance or for a passion project/game jam, please message or email me at

Any feedback you have is welcome, thanks guys!


  • Man your sound design is so awesome.
    Would love to collaborate somehow.
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  • Well done dude, that Borderlands re-dub is sick as F^*k!! I think the clip-reload could be a bit more juicy but man I love your synth design!
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  • Thanks so much guys, I appreciate it! :)

    @JuicedRobot I'll give it some thought, but maybe we could do a metal/electronic mashup, like Enter Shikari.

    @Mexicanopiumdog Yea true, in hindsight they are a bit small, especially for the gun size. The synth in the re-dub track started out as an electric guitar that got re-sampled a load of times using things like unison, distortion and super heavy compression. Thanks for the kind words!
  • Dude. This is great stuff. Where are you based?
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  • Very nice vid. Loved the monster sound effects though some of the guns felt quite "dry" to me... if that makes sense haha ... Love the cyber punk tunes though!

    One thing, with most of the monster sounds I don't really get a sense of perspective. With the big monster right at the start the sound stays the same as you move close and further away from it... maybe a bit of volume automation might help to bring out a sense of space?

    Really nice vid though...loving the sfx and music!
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  • Following on what @Tim_Harbour has said about perspective. Volume automation is great step into adding perspective however if the sound you are adding perspective too is the main focus point of that moment then volume automation alone might have the consequence of ducking it out of the spotlight. A film trick is to rather create perspective using other aural cues such as reverb wet/dry ratios and EQ in the presence range (2khz'ish) and top end range (LPF). This will add depth whilst still keeping your focus on the sound that's forefront in the mix.
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  • Thank you @SUGBOERIE! I'm in Cape Town

    Thanks so much @Tim_Harbour and yes it makes complete sense, I have a feeling it has something to do with them not having enough of a mechanical layer and gun tail. Fair enough, the monsters could do with some more perspective. I think @Sash's wet/dry mix trick would've worked well, especially for the first monster. I'll definitely pay more attention to those details next time. Thanks for taking the time to give your advice and feedback, it helps a lot!
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