[Event] 11 Dec Joburg Makegames board/games meet

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K guys, following the other thread of discussion, let's all meet up at Amuse Cafe for some fun and games and chattery on Tuesday 11 December.
Time: starting around 6 - there'll be plenty people there, our own and others.

It's a Cafe, they have boardgames, we can bring our own.

I'm gonna be bringing along some:
> Android: Netrunner
> Citadels
> Coloretto
> Mystery Rummy: Jack The Ripper

@edg3 is bringing:
> Gears of War boardgame

@Besonance is bringing:
> a little abstract strategy game [he] made along with some others this year at Wits. It uses dice as strategy pieces

If you wanna join, please give a shout out here :)
If you'd like to bring your game/boardgame please give a shout out too so guys know :)

Address: 34 5th Street, corner 4th Avenue - Linden, 2195 Johannesburg, Gauteng
Google Maps link: http://goo.gl/maps/36JGt
Amuse Cafe page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amuse-Café/145643085494259?ref=ts&fref=ts

Any ideas for anything you'd like to get up to welcome :)


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    Did you check if they mind us jumping in on their games night? Nvm, reread (tired mind fail)

    Also, I will bring Gears of War
  • So sad that I'm missing this.

    Have fun, guys! Photos! :P
  • @Elyaradine, you have to get your priorities straight. :P

    I can bring along a casual deck for Magic. That is unfortunately all that I have at the moment. But would love to play some Netrunner. Either way, I'll be there.
  • I would love to bring along a little abstract strategy game I made along with some others this year at Wits. It uses dice as strategy pieces (That's the really abstract part).

    It's fun, simple and needs two or four players. Would anyone be interested?
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    Would anyone be interested?
    I don't think it's a matter of interest but rather time. I would prefer to play a few games well instead of trying to cram them all into one evening.
  • Well to be blunt and slightly brash, it's still a Makegames session, so surely games that have been made by the community take priority? ;)
  • @Bensonance, only if it's fun :P. Just bring it man, I'll play with you. I'm interested to see what you guys did. :)
  • Bring it .. bring it. bring it.. *chanting in backdrop*
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  • Haha I never said we won't play it, it just seems like every1 and their mother is bringing a game and from what people have said some games can take hours to complete?? Well let's see how it goes then..
  • We dont have to play them all, but having options is usually good :)
  • Well at worst it'll be @Rigormortis and I playing in a corner with @tbulford cheering and making mexican waves (hopefully) on the side line :D.

    @Tachyon I understand your concern, if my game is too long, that's a problem in terms of my intended design anyway, so we can move on swiftly :D. Timewise, it's a lot like chess, but with dice and four players... so not like chess at all really :/.
  • Well the way I see it is that Netrunner MTG and chess aren't going anywhere. We can always get together and play those games. But it's a great oppertunity to see something new and interesting and actually give some feedback on a board game. So I am all for playing something new. :)

    But I guess we'll also have to see where the evening takes us, I may arrive not even wanting to play any games...not likely but still. :P
  • Glad you didn't get discouraged @Bensonance, I must admit that it was kinda weird seeing @Tachyon seeming to say that a MGSA meetup maybe shouldn't play a local game in testing!
  • Yeah man, dudes if we were playing nothing BUT our own games I'd be spiffy happy :) The more opportunities for playtesting the better! Anyone else with a cool physical game? I would even open it up to bringing prototypes on lappies if you'd like some playtest feedback on them face-to-face :)

    Updated OP with some games :) anymore? :)
  • I threw away my stealth/race/combat game board tiles not so long ago... :( Though I did have ideas for an updated version, but not sure I will have it ready on time...
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    So I assume the start time for this is 6:00? That's the time it says it starts on the Amuse Cafe Games site? :)
  • Well, I will be there from 6ish, dont know about everyone else :)
  • 6 sounds about right, I'll be going through from work (Rosebank), so traffic allowing I should be right on time.

    And damn, I had been working (mostly sketching) a boardgame (that came from a ipad game) prototype but I haven't got it worked out yet so... I guess next time :)

    A few non makegames peeps should join too (Daniel, Wade and maybe Jess), and it looks like we'll have at least 2 sets of netrunner :)

    See everyone tomorrow :)
  • I'll be making tonight! Unfortunately all my boardgames except Puerto Rico are in storage and that game has too many tokens for me to be happy travelling with it, but I hope to get into a Netrunner game.

    Look forward to seeing you all!
  • I remember seeing Small World starring heavily in their previous game nights, so that's also a cool option if anyone wants to play that, it's damn cool :)
  • I will be there. Any specific time in mind folks? Probably going to social and talk nonsense more then Board-game though.
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    I'm gonna be there at 18:00 or a couple of minutes early if traffic is light.

    Any chance of seeing Toxic Bunny?
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    Thanks to everyone who was there last night, had an awesome time, even if I had to pick up McD's after at midnight cos I completely forgot about dinner :)
  • Images from last night; note the rather dodgy games on offer from the venue.

    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    2244 x 1387 - 2M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    2422 x 1498 - 2M
  • "The kama sutra tower" ?

    Play that much last night lol?
  • Thanks to all for teaching me citadels and netrunner, felt like my brain was about to explode from all the info at the end of the evening! :D
  • "The kama sutra tower" ?
    That game doesn't need any pieces, the box just contains rulebook and examples of play :)
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    "The kama sutra tower" ?
    Yeah, last night was a bit of a f*#k up ;) :D.
  • Yeah, last night was a bit of a f*#k up .
    Yes, didn't get a chance to get into your prototype, it looked super interesting, using dices as pieces of play! How did that go? :)
  • @Tuism, I liked the prototype...apparently the rules were way too advanced for me, but I really liked it :P

  • That comment was in relation to The kama sutra tower, just to clear it up :D.

    @Tuism it went well, got some cool feedback and got to to test it on someone who doesn't play games often and she understood the rules really quickly and easily ( @Rigotmortis on the other hand... ;) )
  • So who won the sexual trivia?

    Stop keeping us in suspense here...
  • The King ;)

    Also, they were rather surprised that there were so many people at one table playing games, so it was pretty cool that we went to Amuse. The only point that wasn't 100% fantastic was how dark it is inside, but weather permitting we can sit outside next time.
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