The Big Nic Bitcrushed my Braaaaaains to Actual S!n@t.

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When an artifact of pure, probably unparalleled, incandescent beauty finds its way into my life, a rare event indeed, I fall upon it like a starving, enraged, psychopathic bear and don't let go until I've engorged my stomach in its wondrous juices and festooned my bedchamber in its shimmering entrails.

Such a moment arrived as I hit play on the second track of The Big Nic's Soundtrack to "Zombies" a game by The Big Nic.

Now if you think this is unsubstantiated hyperbole or cynical trash talk, I beg to severely, violently, differ.

Try it:

To be clear:
Jack Handy said:
"Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful, beautiful sunset? And he's carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also he's carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet. And also, you're drunk."
I am going to say: Yes. It's this.

To be even more actually clear: This soundtrack comes off of a game (or possibly a game comes off of this soundtrack), elevating both mediums to unrelentingly, vertiginous, stratospheric heights. Tastes may differ, but I think we can agree that this world is not treated to enough lovingly, lushly and painstakingly produced game music. And, at the very least, Zombies the Soundtrack is a remarkable piece of work and stunning achievement.

Thanks The Big Nic.
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    I shed a single manly tear. That was awesome.

    And now for something completely different!

    This is the theme for Civ 4, and also the first song written for a game to win a (two!) grammy.

    So the dude who wrote composed this piece, Christopher Tin, is a god damn genius. The song comes off the album Calling All Dawns (check it out, 12 tracks, 12 languages, absolutely beautiful.)

    His latest projects? Well after putting Renaissance and Romantic era poetry to phat electronic beats, he is now working on music for the new Karateka game.
    I think we can agree that this world is not treated to enough lovingly, lushly and painstakingly produced game music.
    ^ This
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  • Zombies was fun in a slightly limited way, but the soundtrack for it really worked great. Cool share :)

    While we're putting out music: ever heard of Nier? BEST. SOUNDTRACK. EVER. (it's not chiptune)
  • That was pretty cool.
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    Christopher Tin is pure class! But I'm still really surprised by his God of Love work. There's a sort of The Knife/Dust Brothers/Sneaker Pimps/Trent Reznor quality to it. Anyway, guess I'm saying I'm surprised by his diversity of talent.

    If we're talking epic soundtracks, then Baldur's Gate really MUST be mentioned:

    For just wholehearted beauty I was really impressed by Journey... (and of course the scoring in that game is well beyond perfect)

    But really, if we're being super super super serious, everyone one of us knows, deep in our manly manly hearts, if we were to honestly admit it, while also not ashamed, and to stand for what is right and just, that no work of man deserves as much praise as the Descent 2 Soundtrack:

    Some games benefit so greatly from the work of their musicians. It amazes me how secondary-to-game-production game-music-production is often treated.
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  • Well, if we're talking about game music, you can't forget to mention Unreal 1. I still believe it has the best (or at the least, best fitting) music for any game :) I got started trying to do music because of games even :P
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  • I bought BigNic's album this morning (rather than waiting to get home) and listened to it all day while I worked. Was epic.
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    @Edg3 Nice one! That is soooo awesome!

    @ShadowBlade The Unreal 1 soundtrack will forever be the high water mark!
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  • I, quite criminally, forgot to embed a link, so here we go:

    3:30 hours of glorious sonic ambrosia :P
  • I see your Unreal Gold Soundtrack... and I raise you the Star Control 2 Hyperspace theme!

    (smiley face)
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  • Hmm. Large gaps in my gaming encyclopedia revealed :D

    The best retaliation shot I have is this!
  • I don't think you can retaliate to Starcon2's music, to be completely frank.

    Dammit, now I need to go play that game again :(
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    Putting aside the question of whether or not Star Control 2's music can be retaliated to... because while I share this view it seems a bit unfair to contemporary musicians that the pinnacle of their art form was achieved in 1992 and will forever be gazing down at them from that lofty height, forever somewhat disappointed in their efforts, but pleased that they art trying, like a parent might view his or her brain-damaged child.

    (Although the way Toys For Bob achieved that Soundtrack is an interesting story in itself: )

    That said, to counter the manliness and grooving industrial brilliance of Rob Zombie's Quake 2 soundtrack I answer with this! Dimmu Borgir's theme to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet!

    (Which coincidentally is a game arguably about black ships filling the sky).
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  • That said, to counter the manliness and grooving industrial brilliance of Rob Zombie's Quake 2 soundtrack I answer with this! Dimmu Borgir's theme to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet!
    I always thought Trent Resnor/NIN did that sountrack too.
  • I thought Q2 was composed by Sonic Mayhem with some input from Rob Zombie (main theme possibly).
  • NIN did quake 1 and Trent solo'ed Quake 3 correct?
  • Quake 3 was Front Line Assembly and Sonic Mayhem again. Quake 1 was the only solo Trent soundtrack :)
  • Shadowblade is right, Rob Zombie is credited as having done the theme for Quake 2 while Sonic Mayhem is credited for the rest. Thanks for the correction!
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    I'm currently involved in a rather long-ass Civ4 PBEM game, and I always pause a little on the main screen to listen to some Baba Yetu. :) And yeah, mad props on the BG2 soundtrack, though I considered the original to have some mighty fine work in it as well.

    I'll throw in some Planescape Torment stuff because I like the choice of instruments. Pipes and, uh, percussion and shit. Um. Noises.

    I'd like to see more good MIDI-era examples here, but I'm struggling to retrieve the ones I have in mind right now.
  • MIDI-era you say? I'm afraid I'd just be posting id Software's stuff from Doom/Wolf3d. Basically the only games I played back in the day :) Mind you, I thought 'Raptor: Call of the Shadows' had some good stuff:

    Anyway, if you so desire, Doom 1/2:
  • As far as chiptunes go

    Some Midi stuff

    And my other favourite theme song

  • Hi. Some amazing flashbacks here! ^_^

    Deus Ex, yeah, definitely (the Human Revolution music is superb.)

    So, I've jumped on this board and this thread 'cos I'm very curious about how SA gamedevs are sourcing & integrating music and sound - absolutely crucial elements that can really make or break a game. I may be slightly biased on that because I compose & produce music (professionally, in JHB). I'm also a gamer. I am very interested in adaptive music & which solutions are being implemented here. Also genuinely interested in seeing SA find a self-sustaining foothold in the industry & tapping its potential. If I can contribute to that: great! Anyone keen to discuss? Or know where to find those keen to discuss? :)
  • Hi @Ant!

    As far as sound and music on Desktop Dungeons is going, we got incredibly lucky and made some awesome connections at GDC in 2011. That led to Jordan Fehr doing our sound effects and a couple of weeks later Danny Baranowsky offered to do our music - so suddenly we had the Super Meat Boy sound team on our little game :) Danny's since brought game music legend Grant Kirkhope onboard (it's totally awesome how excited he was about that).

    Our process is pretty simple: We write up explanations of what we need SFX and music-wise in our dev-wiki, then Jordan, Danny and Grant ask questions to make sure they have enough info before smacking out first versions. Jordan's generally spot on with our SFX, he consistently finds better timings for our animations and generally pushes us to make the game better to match the effects he produces. Danny and Grant are somehow ok with my uneducated ass giving them feedback on their music, it's working really well though - the game's sounding awesome.

    We've worked with a couple of local non-game sound people before, that proved a little tricky, mainly because the expectations were so different. I strongly recommend collaborating with people via game jams (Global Game Jam coming up in January!) or by lobbing effects/tracks at people with prototypes up here that you like. That's generally the best way to get involved - heck, that's what DannyB did with us, even though he's friggen DannyB.
  • Woah, sorry for the delayed reply! I thought I'd set email notifications ON. But, hadn't. Facepalm.

    Cool story, getting those chaps on board. Would like to know more about technical specifics and such, but there's not much on that front that's a mystery or out-of-reach. Interesting comment about difficulties working with local designers. Thanks for the insights! I'll troll around these boards a little more when I can...they're looking very busy now!
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