My Portfolio (2D/3D Artist / Environmental Designer)

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Here you can find my online portfolio along with some extra stuff. (Updated)

Thanks for having a look.


  • I like it Johannes, good stuff!
  • Nice.

    A note on the car and house videos: These could be vastly improved by better lighting. Even thought the models are good, both look rather flat and washed-out. Along with improving lighting, the house scene you be much more realistic with some good ambient occlusion.
  • Thanks for the tips, they are some of my older work though ill get around to updating them when I have the time.
  • 2D Art coming soon... In that case my comment is... coming soon...

    :) Just joking. I am a bit of a 2D fanatic if you haven't guessed. Love the 3D models, especially the Swords and the Widow maker.
  • Haha thanks , yeah I still haven't uploaded the art in the 2D section yet, working on my store first. My 2D art isnt very conventional anyhow.
  • Hey guys , I haven't been active int his forum for some time now , but my website and portfolio has changed allot so I thought I would update it here , the new one is available here :
  • Hi guys , I've recently updated my portfolio again , any thoughts?
  • I find that if you're using photo textures, since those are "easy" to do, you end up having to show how you stand out above the many, many people who do that too.

    I'm not particularly strong at environments myself, but something that I think can be improved is the idea of "telling a story" with your environment work. Many of your textures look like they're just tiling textures with a light bake, rather than putting thought into how things ended up being that way. Perhaps there are scuff marks on the floor where doors are regularly opened and closed, scratches near the door handle for when the previous owner came home drunk or in the dark and couldn't find the key hole, bits of buildup of grime, dirt and water damage, etc. Try to find ways to make your work interesting or entertaining, rather than just "yes, it's a chair/beach/box". It's not necessarily that each individual prop should be some hero asset, but each screenshot should ideally be telling a story (with a conclusion that says "Hell yeah, I need that in my game!").

    Also, in general, I find your AO too strong, especially in your interior environments. I'd strongly recommend looking at interior photography as a comparison. For comparing the AO, but also for seeing how things are lit, because some of your lighting doesn't make sense to me (because there seems to be quite a bright ambient light that wouldn't exist indoors).

    Hope that helps you!
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  • I agree with Elyaradine here.

    Essentially everything is too clean. Even your skate park which you've tried to make appear dirty, as skate boards go over those painted sections (like over kermit the frog) they'd create skuff marks. As people have fallen there the buttons on their jeans may scrape parts of it.

    Your interiors need a bit more of a "lived in" look.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the comments.

    I will take these things into consideration in future projects.

    Sometimes its a bit difficult to really "personalize" work because the client needs something specific, but in my own projects I could implement that a bit more.

    As for the AO , I do tend to overdo it a bit, will reconsider there.
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