My Portfolio (2D/3D Artist / Environmental Designer)

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Here you can find my online portfolio along with some extra stuff. (Updated)

Thanks for having a look.


  • I like it Johannes, good stuff!
  • Nice.

    A note on the car and house videos: These could be vastly improved by better lighting. Even thought the models are good, both look rather flat and washed-out. Along with improving lighting, the house scene you be much more realistic with some good ambient occlusion.
  • Thanks for the tips, they are some of my older work though ill get around to updating them when I have the time.
  • 2D Art coming soon... In that case my comment is... coming soon...

    :) Just joking. I am a bit of a 2D fanatic if you haven't guessed. Love the 3D models, especially the Swords and the Widow maker.
  • Haha thanks , yeah I still haven't uploaded the art in the 2D section yet, working on my store first. My 2D art isnt very conventional anyhow.
  • Hey guys , I haven't been active int his forum for some time now , but my website and portfolio has changed allot so I thought I would update it here , the new one is available here :
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