Steam Autumn Sale!

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Yes! Been waiting for something like this so I can pick up a few games on the cheap.

1. Bastion
2. Resonance, and
3. Intrusion 2

so far. Wud love to get my mits on xcom as well but not too keen on waiting on a 20gb d/l.


  • I must buy Bastion, Intrusion 2 is fun just a bit short but very wel made :)
  • Thanks for the heads up!

    Already played Bastion, but snatched up Frozen Synapse (on a friend's recommendation) and picked up Terraria to see what the fuss is about. It's 2D minecraft :P

    Any other recommends? Intrusion 2 has pretty tween-a-mations but I don't like metal slug much :P
  • Terraria to me is worth the money, my wife and I lan Terraria at home its great fun, the controls take getting use to but after you get the hang of it you'll be killing zombies in no time just watch out for blood moon nights lol they can get hectic. Damn must buy Bastion.

    PS. Can't help it I hear Metal Slug and I start drooling from the mouth lol
  • Well if you haven't got em I would also recommend Limbo and Trine2
  • Limbo... Yes, must get. Is it better on PC or PS3, if it matters at all?
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    Don't have a PC or a PS3 hehe.

    On another note, Arnt Jensen's design methodology for Limbo is really interesting. He decided on 3 goals for the game:

    1. Minimalist chromatic art
    2. Minimalist player control scheme
    3. No tutorials for the player - requiring the player to learn the mechanics on his/her own

    IMO, very much in line with @Elyaradine's video that we watched at the monthly meet a couple of months back:
  • @Tuism: I don't think it matters, really. I haven't heard of differences between the two. Personally I enjoyed playing it on my couch with awesome sound, because the sound in Limbo is astounding.

    Same thing with Bastion, actually.
  • So far I've picked up Civ 5 and Gods & Kings, Dear Esther and Audiosurf.

    Don't really have time to play though, but at least I'll have plenty to do, one day. :P

    Wanted to pick up XCOM, but I'll wait a little longer.

    If anyone's on the fence, I quite enjoyed Sleeping Dogs. They did the setting super well, with authentic Mandarin and Cantonese. The combat's similar to the Arkham games, with a focus on melee combat and counters. Entertainingly violent too. The story overall was interesting, although bits of it felt forced. (I dunno; to me, flashbacks almost always feel forced...)

    And... somewhat unrelated, I picked up Guild Wars 2 last week, and have a level 20 mesmer, but don't really have the time to do much at the moment unfortunately. Although two things that were Super Awesome surprises (had a friend showing me around the game) were the diving spots, and the Weynard's Revenge secret location. I mean, normally when a game hides something from you, it's just a little room or something. No, it's a massive freaking section, with a maze, and a jumping puzzle stuff. I was impressed with how much aesthetic polish there was. :)
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    @dislekcia - agreed. Scandinavian sound designers are super talented at creating atmospheric music.

    Oh and you'll also definitely want to get hold of Machinarium and Botanicula from Amanita Design. Flash based games. The artwork is stunning and the audio in Machinarium specifically is excellent. I swear these guys were high when they designed Botanicula :D
  • Nah, Amanita design are just really interesting people. They had these little Machinarium robot plushies at GDC this year, far too cool. They don't speak much english ;)
  • I finally purchased Castle Crashers. I know it's old now, but it's soooooo goood (if you're into brawlers and silliness).
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  • Castle Crashers 4 player on PS3 was awesome :) Loved it.

    Picked up Blocks That Matter - it sounds totally stupid but is such an interesting little puzzle platformer. The story is very cute, involves the devs themselves :) It's only $2 too, so no pain there at all :)

    Frozen Synapse is HARD :)
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