Alterconf Cape Town looking for speakers.

Received this via email today:
AlterConf is a conference promoting diverse
perspectives on technology and gaming, and on 27 August it aims to come
to Cape Town:

AlterConf is seeking speakers, freelancers, volunteers, and sponsors --
please contact the conference by June 16 at midnight PST. They are
interested in finding and paying speakers to discuss any and all aspects
of diversity in tech and/or gaming. "No experience required, we're happy
to help you formulate ideas or to help put your talk together, and we
pay all of our speakers!" There are also other paid freelancing
opportunities available, as well as volunteer slots.

"AlterConf doesn't financially profit from our events. All money we
bring in through sponsorships, donations, and ticket sales go to paying
our speakers and covering costs with our vendors who are majority owned
by marginalized people."
Seems like it might be a good fit for the Amber Key peeps, 67games, etc.

Apply here y'all!
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