What studios/ devs. in SA are able to make RTS games in JHB?


  • An RTS is a considerably complex type of game to develop as an indie. I think Travis has experience with this. @tbulford
  • Been busy for over a year, making an engine on the side for a RTS engine, still not nearly even a functional engine.

    Made a single player prototype, 3 months, then got another developer to create a whole Java based MMO lobby server, which meant we scratched the prototype, which was still also very basic 2d graphics.

    Hopefully one day we will sell such an engine to the GMS marketplace, currently we only sell 2 very basic components of it there. 1. RTS Minimap Lite and 2. RTS Fog Of War

    We started this before we knew this is one of the largest or most difficult games (engines) to build.
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    I imagine that if you've got enough money, there are quite a few highly experienced developers who could make a fully functional RTS.

    While not exactly the same genre, several developers have worked on released hit titles that incorporate many elements of an RTS, albeit in the form of a 3D 3rd person ARPG (e.g. The Harvest, PocketRPG). (I've worked in a team that did a multiplayer base-building one, though that one got cancelled. There's another couple of devs who've worked on a local MOBA that was quite far along (from what I saw) before also being cancelled afaik.)

    The skills are around. Why people say an RTS is hard is usually because a lot of the "fun" seems difficult to test until you've implemented a whole lot of things and been able to prototype (and throw away!) a lot of different unit interactions, and even have enough of a game there to understand what the actual strategy involves. These are things that are pretty much impossible to capture successfully on paper. So an RTS is generally one of the riskier games to make, which makes it more expensive.

    But with enough of a budget (for an experienced team) and managed expectations, I'm pretty sure local folks could do a good job.
  • I imagine that if you've got enough money

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  • ha.

    so true.

    What are the legalities of borrowing... from older game engines.
  • It really depends on what you mean by "borrowing." IANAL, but I believe most content and code is covered by copyright or trademark law, whereas mechanics and other aspects are a bit more unclear. I'm pretty sure the general high-level idea of an RTS game is not protected. That said, even if a mechanic is not legally protected, there are many other reasons to not outright steal from an older game.
  • So just make a mod ;)
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