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I will try and keep this up to date as things finish processing and uploading.


- Full Community meet at Microsoft offices

- Full Community meet at Microsoft offices
1) News
2) Talks:
- Random Generation for games - Alec
- GDC Report Back - Jon and Julian
3) Demos:
- False Eden - Ernest
4) Open Floor:
- Tower Defence Challenge
- Full Community meet at Microsoft offices
1) News
2) Talks:
- Creating Spritesheets for Games - Michael
- Games as a Medium for Software Education - Brad
3) Demos:
- Fields of Blood - Alec
- Ludum Dare and Wits Game Jam-Tarts Entries
4) Monthly Jam Challenge: Dubstep
5) Open Floor
June: Not finished uploading/being processed/wasn't recorded. (sad face)

July: Not finished uploading/being processed/wasn't recorded. (sad face)

August: Not finished uploading/being processed/wasn't recorded. (sad face)

September: Not finished uploading/being processed/wasn't recorded. (sad face)

Matt - Bladeslinger
Reneir - Bladeslinger
Johan - Producer
Claudio - Bladeslinger Camera
Kobus - Animation
Open Forum: Alec -
Open Forum: Jon -
Open Forum: Steven -
Open Forum: "Music guy" -

November: Busy splitting into 10 minute chunks to be uploaded because YouTube is hellbent on me NOT uploading videos...

MakeGames SA Community Meet Up 31 October 2012
For info on upcoming talks check out the forums

00:00 Rodain Joubert - "Their Dirty Little Secret"
28:12 Evan Greenwood - "Outside Feedback"

Game Demos
41:10 Death Smashers
Also, most importantly, I have contacted YouTube support, so hopefully can get this sorted.
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  • YAY :D Thanks for these! They're even backdated to before I was around, this is gonna be fun :) awesomesauce!
  • *Fistpump

    @Edg3 thank you for all the effort. First one buffering now :)
  • Thanks again for the effort @edg3, they're awesome :) Are we going to add them to the umbrella makegamessa channel? I can't find it anymore, youtube says it's closed?
  • yeah when I can get it all sorted out. Tired of Youtube right now :(

    The official advice was "delete your channel and remake it and it will ask you to verify", which didnt work, and I couldnt use the same channel name after...
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    OMG Google retards. This recalls the whole Facebook username fuckup. I had two usernames, one for my page one for my personal page. I wanted to SWAP THOSE TWO AROUND......... And basically couldn't. It was (still is) retarded.

    Thanks a mil for sorting it out :) I'll do some digging and if I come up with something I'll let you guys know...
  • Ok I've created a Youtube User for MakeGamesSA and verified it, @edg3 I've sent you the links/details vi email :)
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  • @LexAquillia many thanks, for some reason I couldnt verify the account after last months meet apparently.
  • @edge3 Nice stuff. It feels like makegamessa now has a video archive. Schwweeeett!
  • Ok, updated to have the video for the Oct meet in CT, and as links are available to me I will update the links for the JHB one, and I apologise in advance for bad/incorrect/missing names for the JHB one as I wasn't there.

    Sigh my encoding and upload queue is long...
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  • Was any video taken of the November CT meet?
  • Hi Guys. I'm back at AFDA and editing away at the November meet up
    @LexAquillia's talk (on getting the government to pay for you to go overseas) is about ready but its 40mins on its own. Should I upload it as its own video seeing as its not directly game dev but more a supporting game dev video where as the other talks are directly related to games?
  • Upload each talk as its own video? That way they can all be in the playlist/channel and people can watch what they like :) Sound like a good idea?
  • Sounds great to me.
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    Hey Guys
    I made a intro sequence for MGSA but I cant sound design good :P
    Im thinking something 8bit-ish to go with the theme.
    here is a link to the vid if there are any takers?
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  • Jwho303 very cool! :D Love the colour cycling! :D

    I was watching Wreck It Ralph and I loved the way their pixels pop! Pop pop pop! :D
  • @Tuism Thanks man! just expanding on your really cool design :)
    I also updated your Illy file to have white pixels (to avoid black heart syndrome)
    Ah I want to watch Wreck it Ralph! Can you find a ref of this pixel popping?
    I did a version with sound and it seems ok. Maybe it needs some like background ambiance or something
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  • Dude! That's awesome :) Well done. Can we use it?
  • @Jwho303 check this trailer out, there's a bit of that pixel popping in there :)

    But really it's awesome already :)
  • Thanks for arranging these talks & for also filming them.
    Helps guys like me who haven't been able to come each week, only been once 0_0

    Making games part time & working a day job has it's challenges.
  • On the topic of Wreck-it-Ralph: Everyone should go see it. That is all.
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  • Soon... (like 900 minutes)

    How to get the government to pay for shit
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  • Great video, thanks!
  • wow....I swear a lot. This video should have a rating of what? 16L ? :P
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