Beers and conversation with an international sound designer in Cape Town on the 21st November

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Joonas Turner (who has received pretty prestigious awards for his work on Nuclear Throne and did brilliant audio work on Badlands among other games, amounting to around 150 jam games and 17 commercial titles) is in Cape Town until the 23rd of November.

(That's my description, he'd definitely describe himself more modestly)

It might be cool to hold some kind of "Beer with Joonas" event if some developers want to meet him (or otherwise just hang out). Sound designers in particular might be able to benefit from hearing about his experiences.

Let me know if you're keen to join for something like this. Perhaps we can meet up at some place like Toad On The Road in Westlake later this week. Suggestions for venue are welcome.

[Edit] We're going to do this on Saturday the 21st November.


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