Where can I study programming in c#, java or php in Cape Town

Hi there

I'm a 3d artist and have been working at a games simulation company for 2 years. I have been advised to learn programming in c#, java or php and apply the knowledge in Unity 3d.

I have been searching for institutions in Cape Town who offer a short course (1 year) in programming but have had no luck. There are many short courses, like 5-days or 2 weeks, but I prefer a year course, as I think there's a lot to learn and I am a beginner who has no prior knowledge in coding. Also, preferably not online, as I went that route and it didn't work out (for me).

Would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction...



  • Perhaps some of the programming courses at UCT? They are a bit long though
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    If you don't care about attaining an actual qualification, UNISA offers all their modules for what they call "non-degree purposes", you can study what you want, get the same material and write the same exams as a student.

    I'm not 100% sure how NDP system works, but it might be worth doing some research on it. Maybe you will be able to just take programming modules from first to third year taken from some software engineering degree.
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