The Making of Warcraft


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    Very interesting read Jonno, thanks for the share!

    Favourite quote from the article:
    great games don’t have to do everything, they have to do a limited number of things well.
  • That was a great read. In article 2 I have to agree with the idea that the design doesnt just come from the designer and that a good designer takes ideas into consideration from all people that help with the project. It is something I have run into while being part of teams.
  • I've worked as a Mechanical design engineer for the past 2 years. I think it carries the same weight. Probably 50% of the design is determined by a whole team of people (Myself, the sales team, the workshop manager, the welder actually building the parts and my boss the GM), the other 50% is the detail that finishes the design.

    Does this translate to a game design project?
  • Yes from my experiences so far (though Ive only had minimal roles in the teams that finish titles and release them). At the very least all things get considered and debated whether it is worth being in the game or not.
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