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[EDIT] - I have released the latest version on itch.io - not sure if I will continue with development but I thought I'd share it with everyone:

Skadonk Showdown on itch.io

Hi everyone,

I've been a bit of a lurker, and I haven't posted on here in ages. I thought I would share my latest project with you guys.


Shadonk Showdown is a physics charged, local multiplayer, vehicle combat game wrapped in a South African theme. Fast reflexes, itchy trigger fingers and luck are needed to come out on top. The game concept, was sparked by the rich concentration of different individuals and cultures within South Africa – most importantly the Taxi culture.

I've just wrapped up a basic racing track, as well as a "Crazy Taxi" gamemode. Its still super super rough, but I wanted to get the gamemode in for the rAge expo. From here the most important thing for me is to start playing around with more gamemodes and more engaging game mechanics.

The build is for 2 xbox controllers, but you can use the keyboard to test it out as Player 1:

WASD - Drive
Space - Handbrake
F - Shoot Pickup
V - Look behind
Q - Jump

Looking forward to your feedback :)
2560 x 1440 - 1M
2560 x 1440 - 2M
2560 x 1440 - 2M
2560 x 1440 - 2M
2560 x 1440 - 1M
960 x 720 - 132K
960 x 720 - 128K


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    Ok so I gave it a test... Some quick feedback... The build wouldn't work for me on the highest quality setting... Kept crashing after the main menu selection.

    after the third crash. Windows had to recover my display driver or something to that effect.

    eventually after some mucking about with settings I got it working with Quality set on "Fast" It might be my computer... but worth the test I guess :)
  • @Sash thanks for the feedback, not sure why its crashing. I'm using Unity standard effects. What GPU do you have?
  • @duncanbellsa Hey man, heres my display details... I dont know if this helps but I am running bootcamp on my macbook pro... so maybe thats causing it. I havent experienced any issues before though.

    2015-10-14 14_59_10-[Project] Skadonk Showdown - Super early Alpha - Make Games South Africa.png
    1124 x 836 - 72K
  • Played it at Rage, really liked it!

    - Need to make the bus stops destructible or move them out of the apex of that one corner
    - Road Rage is my favourite feature :P
    - Grass is too green, needs to be all brown and crap with plastic bags everywhere, burning tyres, squished rats... oh wait is this a family friendly game?
  • Looking forward to playing this latest build, but what I last saw of the game (at A MAZE) was really great! I'm a huge fan of (the sadly under-explored) vehicular combat genre and the local flavour of this particular title is just awesome to see. Very stoked on what you're doing here!
  • Thanks @BenJets - Yeah i'm happy with the framework, now is the time to really play with some game modes :)
  • Hey everyone,

    I have released the latest version on itch.io - not sure if I will continue with development but I thought I'd share it with everyone:

    Skadonk Showdown on itch.io
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  • Hey everyone. I have updated the game, added an extra single player game mode, as well as got keyboard support for 2 players.
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