Have you ever used SimplyA* from the asset store?

Hey everyone! I am struggling quite a bit to get the SimplyA* plugin to work in Unity 5.2.1. There is no compiler errors, it's just that my capsule does not want to follow the player and I did follow the instructions exactly. If anyone used this before or know of any other free pathfinding script please let me know. I kinda need it for the NAG Game jam. Thanks :)


  • Why not simply use the built in nav mesh system? Or use Astar pathfinding free version. We use pro but free will work just fine.
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  • Thanks, I just used the built in navmesh and it works well. When would one use an A* algorithm rather than just the navmesh then?
  • When your levels are procedural or dynamic mostly.
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  • Also, when working in 2D. Even when your map is a mesh, the map will be on the X-Y plane and the navmesh system only works with the X-Z plane. If I recall correctly, they're planning on extending it for 2d in the 'future'.
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