The Game Sales Guessing Game


  • Ooooh that looks very interesting! I would be very keen to be involved, so count me in :).
    Definitely a worthwhile skill to build!
  • I'd be very keen to do something like this, and it seems like Lars is looking to open it up a bit at some point in the future, so there might be system that automates it all: (although probably not any time soon I imagine, but maybe he'd be willing to share the scripts he uses already?)

    I think Lars' approach is also less player intensive, in that people don't need to come up with an exact figure and justify it to any degree, just look through the list and submit their picks. Doing in an a regular basis is also a great idea, so it becomes a bit of a habit.

    If anyone else is interested in this kind of thing, I can highly recommend following Lars and checking out the stuff he writes about. Oh and FYI, I pointed Lars at this thread a little while ago
  • I'm now running my office league. Basically spreadsheet based for now. The site Lars created now has a list of upcoming games can be found here:

    Would be willing to run an MGSA spreadsheet or join any efforts that might already have been started ;)
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