game develops around Soweto

game development who stay around Soweto in box me
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  • i have been learning Unity for almost 7 to 8 years now am looking for ppl around Soweto who knows how to make games a get a big project.
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  • Have you made any games in unity? We'd love to see!
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  • Hi Todzisee !

    If you have a video game (serious game) project and you need funds & partnership, submit your project online at :

    Digital Lab Africa is a call for projects and a platform dedicated to African talent in multimedia, organised by the French Institute of South Africa in partnership with DISCOP AFRICA and TRACE.

    The objective of Digital Lab Africa is to provide a springboard for African talent in multimedia creation and to make their project happen with the support of French leading companies in multimedia field.
    Be careful, deadline is 31st of August ... but there is also an edition in 2017 if you are too short in time for this year !

    Good luck !
  • If you haven't found someone, there's unlikely chance that you will find someone... I have been teaching myself game programming since 2006 from book "Killer game programming in Java - Andrew Davidson" then read other couple of books in java then "Frank Luna's DirectX books" and other books on game engines, including my favourite "Game Coding Complete"... Later learned from Xna books, Actionscript books, html5 books and I am now back to c++ using Cocos2d-x and now busy with few smaller game prototypes I have showen here on makegamessa. I have read some books on unity but is I really don't like it.

    Throughout this time, I have learned many things that are always trying to negate what I am trying to do... First getting an artist to work with was almost impossible. Many people can draw with hand, but using software they see it as like climbing mount everrest mountain. Luckily in 2012 I found someone who was passionate about games and was willing to learn and today he is a kick ass 2d/3d artist.

    2. I have learned that game programming is not a career in south Africa, and you won't even be considered talented like musicians or actors because you are non existent because no one really knows what you do behind the game.

    3. I have friends who are programmers, but think game programming is unnecessarily difficult and why would you do it even when you are not going to make money out of it... Well I have tried to get such friend to like game programming but all of them think I am crazy and never realistic, when I could be making simple apps and make lot of money out of it.

    4. You can't really pitch a business idea to anyone because they have already decided that games are a waste of time and if no one is playing games in south Africa, there's no way you gonna create a market to ROI their funds.

    5. Being from the township is worse, you start everything with zero. Sometimes major lack of resources, sometimes you work with an empty stomach because you had to license something you gonna use for your game. Everyone else think you are crazy because people survive in the township, and the only way to survive is to get a job. No one cares about your game, its just a total waist of time, who will care about a game when people are hungry?

    Last thing: Making games is only your passion, so looking around for other people who make games will only depress you even more. Because you will waist time trying to make people be like you when nobody else wishes to be like you. Making games is hard, nobody want to do that. People only want to be given tasks and get paid by the end of the month. That is more easy than yourself making your own goals, creating something from nothing, having to go through lots of mathematics texts only to make something move forward or rotate. Having to write hundreds of lines of code on daily bases to perfect your skill. Well people want something that is guaranteed. A job guarantees a pay check. A job is simple, its a routine while in games you have to do something new everyday. So you have to be indestructible to be able to do that. It takes more than a passion. So if you are alone making gaming in your area, I salute you, you are one of the few mutants alive. I am also alone with my artist pushing everyday, we don't know where we gonna end, we have zero budget, but that will never stop us from doing what we love doing, and I encourage you to do the same. Don't wait for a team that doesn't exit. Just do the games and one day you might reap the fruits of your labor.
  • @SkinnyBoy Wow, thats a bit negative. Hope things get better for you. @todzisee, Im new to the game development community here is SA. From what I could gather thus far, our industry locally is still in its infancy. So its probably best to connect with people online, instead of depending on meeting them in person for now.

    Just my 2c
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  • At A MAZE we're trying to expose people to locally made games with the Soweto Pop-up. If you guys can make it on the 27th of August, it would be rad to meet and chat games :). Gonna be a couple workshops and then a small party.

    1200 x 450 - 296K
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  • Hi guys,

    I'm looking for the game artist to design models for us
  • thinks to everybody who checked my activity that i was looking for game developers around Soweto , i have been busy for past fewer months working day/night on two big projects by my self and am happy that am making progress without any help. The projects that am busy working on is soccer & racing cars, the soccer is called African Champions, the other is Kasi spinning. @dimmint i have made 4 games that i call them my 1st projects when i started this gaming stuff so am not happy with them because i was still learning to use unity.@ClaraDLA i did check it out wow nice i like think your very much and am to later for this year as the closing Deadline to submit the project was on 31 August 2016 but i will keep an eye for next year, hopefully i will be done with two projects that am currently working.@SkinnyBoy i will like to say think your for the motivation words and you remind me of when i started doing this game development my friends in the township use to tell me that making games is not for black man but 4 white man only but today am doing it . My family could not afford to take me to study programming but because i was passionate about games, i use to play 50cent game all the time and from back then i did tell my self that one day i will learn how to make my own game, am happy today that i followed my heart to make games.@jupake true that but i have a feeling that the market for games in South Africa and Africa as a whole will grow in the future if there are ppl like me and you who love game to ever make there own game.@Bensonance sorry that i check my activity on this website later but if you make other event let me know or by e-mailing me or whatsapp pls i would like to motive ppl around Soweto to know about game development.@SisandaAsante pls e-mail me or whatsapp on 06333008119 i would love to help you. i can design models using Zbrush and maya to making good looking models pls e-mail. I will share something soon on what am busy working on but am one of that person who don't like to share my work B4 its done on the net but i will share some photos in what am busy with very soon here in game S.A website.
  • Yeah it is tough in the hood. especially when you choose a different path to the general populous. you kind of single yourself out. But hey Im doing exactly what you doing , and I stay in the hood too ( Spruitview) . All I can say is , if games is what you want to do , then keep going. thats what Im doing.
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