Kaleb Sagehorn, Game proposal and Help needed

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I am actually very embarrassed by this post, and three four years later must edit it to not tarnish my reputation in the eyes of university professors.


  • This post really reminds of this.

    I don't want to sound mean spirited, but posting something like this really doesn't get you any closer to making a game. Making any game is ambitious. It takes great developers years to get a decent game design and implementation going(most of the time) and then they have all sorts of experience to draw from.

    Ideas are cheap. If you want to make a game, you need to start making a game.
  • I agree with @Rigormortis, start small and within your limits.
  • Tangentially, @Rigormortis was that kickstarter for real?? How did he get to $21 345 :O
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    In short, Everyone has ideas. Think of it this way, you ARE an experienced game developer/programmer, what would convince YOU to go work on someone else's idea? Would YOU want to work on what someone else claims to be an amazing idea? Cos I have like hundreds (no, really). So does the next guy.

    Promise of money?
    Promise of a cool idea?
    Actual money? (up front)
    Seeing that there are more than words to an idea?

    Please read through this, it's very very important reading:
  • @Stray-train, it was for real in the sense that he really wanted to make the game. But it was never going to be successful for a variety of reasons. I think he actually continued with some sort of website after the project didn't receive funding as well, but I stopped following the story after a while.
  • Also, it's in the link that @Tuism posted, but read this article Why your game Idea Sucks It changed the way I looked at some of my ideas a lot. I actually think I should give it a read myself again some time today.
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    Tangentially, @Rigormortis was that kickstarter for real?? How did he get to $21 345
    If you looked at it he had 2x $10,000 backers - which I presume was set-up and probably his own accounts. Then a pile of $10 backers. Lol. Reading that kickstarter was like reading some sad novelist's idea of... ideas. Lol.

    And, relevant:

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  • >> GameDev Newcomer FAQ
    I have a great game idea! How do I get it made?
  • Kaleb, I strongly suggest trying to build your combat ideas as a mod for Unreal Tournament. It'd be a huge project, but it'd be a less huge project than what you're talking about here.

    There are a lot of design assumptions in your post, specifically around game balance and what that means. It will never be a bad idea to actually test out those ideas, I think you'll find it harder than you assume ;)
  • I want that vid to show up more often.
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    makeshift8 said:
    This may seem ambitous, but it is not, for with the new technalogy can enhance speed and preformance
    The actual reason why this is ambitious is the sheer magnitude of the project. How long do you think it will take you to finish it on your own? It's never easy to get a team to follow you in your dream. Woah. That rhymed. I must be a leprechaun after all.
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