Process of texturing models

Hi guys,

So I have been wanting to get into texturing just to learn the basics. My question is does anyone know of any good tutorials that kinda explains the process in full?

I can find simple things like how to make UV Maps etc but nothing on how to make textures. I have seen some photoshop tutorials but they dont seem like they would work in games.

Sorry if this is a noob question :/


  • If I understood your question correctly... heres a cool one I stumbled across on making your own textures - he also does some awesome Blender tutorials
  • Oooh very nice thank you. I'm currently trying out painting textures not even sure if that's the right way of doing it.
  • You can always splash out twenty grand on MARI :)

    I kid, don't do that! (although it is really very good software, but perhaps not for people just wanting to play/experiment/learn)
  • There aren't really "right" ways to do it so much as common ways to do it that make sense depending on what your art style is.

    Common methods :
    • Paint on the UVs in something like Photoshop.
    • Paint on the model in something like 3d Coat, Zbrush, Mudbox or Photoshop
    • Model/sculpt a high poly mesh and bake it down to something you composite
    Being able to paint in general is extremely useful.

    Further reading:
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    What I want to achieve in the end of the day is something similar to this .

    Currently I'm focusing on finishing some of the base code before I add some art to my prototype but decided to look/ask about texturing anyway.

    I'm not all that bothered with my game not looking next gen realistic I just want the experience of being able to texture.

    Edit: Thanks for the links some really nice stuff there I might learn a thing or two.
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