Dedicated Servers for small games

Hello guys,

Where/what is the cheapest way to host a dedicated server for small games?


  • Depends on what you need. If it is purely web-based, you might be able to host it for free on azure.
  • It should be a small dedicated server running that will process the movement of quite a lot of players.
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    Personally I use Digital Ocean:
  • @clive we are using it for our gitlab hosting but we want to host the dedicated servers in South Africa specifically otherwise the game will lag for South Africans.
  • There's no such thing as low cost South African hosting.
  • clive said:
    There's no such thing as low cost South African hosting.
    This is unfortunately very true :(
  • MWeb Gaming hosts a few dedicated servers, the best you could possibly hope for is that your game is popular enough that they decide themselves to fire up a box with your server side (if you make dedicated server executables available). It might actually be worth approaching them, if anyone in MGSA has contacts within there - I used to, but sadly don't anymore. Approach from an angle of "Proudly South African" and maybe they could feature some South African game servers ... but this is probably a different discussion.
  • Yes I have good contacts with the Mweb guys but we would like to host it on our own first to see how it goes and if it gets popular I will contact them.
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