Bxfr for indie game sounds

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Hi guys!

Uptil now I just kinda assumed everyone knows about this. I guess that's a bad assumption to make, especially for new comers to indie game development. So I thought I'd share this, and someone can add it to the wiki.

It's called BXFR, and with it you can make some pretty crazy indie game sounds. You won't be able to make a AAA-class game with this :P thought it's good for small indie games, and perfect for spicing up your prototypes.

Sharing is caring, right :P


  • I used to play the with older Sfxr, I didn't know there was an update. Awesome!
  • This looks awesome and would definitely be something good to archive in the wiki :)
  • Yay finally I bring something useful to the table :P
  • Oh man, I've really been meaning to drop a line on this, it's soooooo goooooood.

    Everything comes with helpful little labels as well, though I have to admit that the new extended functionality makes it a fair bit more intimidating than SFXR. Still, poking around / experimenting will eventually get you somewhere, and there are presets available for you to mutate.

    I appreciate the fact that it still sports a downloadable version, cos I'm not a huge fan of browser-locked tools.
  • @Nandrew Yeah it's a little more intimidating, and tricky to get what you want with the extra sliders. I like the mixer though. Did SFXR have that? I can't remember, but I don't think so
  • Added to the wiki's sound resource section :)

    Let's get more of this kind of stuff please, yay :)
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  • Hi
    Im am busy with a arcade game with a 3D look. C# and XNA. The plan is to get in on Xbox indie games with the help of my connection in England. Thanks for the BXFR, I will look into that. At the moment playing with foley sounds.
  • Hi Henry, you might want to talk to @ChristopherM of Team Devil about XBLIG. Their game, Ninja Crash, recently did well in Dream Build Play and is now out on XBLIG. They're not super impressed with the service, but I don't want to put words in his mouth ;)
  • Thanks dislekcia .
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    <3 my post too, bitches :D haha
    haha you actually did it. Feel so loved now.
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  • Here's some <3

    I hope that everyone can get comfortable with the Wiki and all contribute to it when cool stuff comes along :)
  • @Tuism Who decides who has editing rights on the wiki btw? Or can all of us edit? If not I'll just post some more things here. I have a small list of programming resources somewhere. Things like cool movement for objects (path finding, collision avoidance, flocking, etc). I'll look for it
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  • If you wanna edit all you have to do is register for it. So long as changes can be tracked we're good :)

    That sounds awesome, the wiki is a colab effort so if everyone posts for a few to update the few'll get tired pretty soon. Sharing the responsibility makes it more sustainable!
  • The website with this article is pretty neat. That's for the movement I mentioned earlier.
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