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  • So why would someone want to get involved in your project? Why not start with a much smaller project to test your ideas and assumptions? How will you be "pushing the limits of game development in South Africa"?

    I'm asking because I think the chances of you getting people involved, with just the information you've given so far, is fairly slim.

    Some thoughts on not sharing your ideas:

    Also, your post has a lot of all caps and bold that COMES ACROSS AS ABRASIVE
  • Aw man. I totally thought that all the rad things people from SA were making before this were pushing the limits and outstanding games. Now I learn that I've been wrong this whole time...

    That's a bit of a bummer :( *bins IGF award, kicks Broforce off Steam's top reviewed list, throws STASIS in a lake, recycles VCD, etc.*

    P.S. Props for trying, but you've pretty much made a classic rookie mistake with this post. You should really spend some time hanging out here, make a few games, go to some jams, get into the feel of game development a bit first before you declare you've got it all figured out :)
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  • Sorry guys I am not very good at this I apologize and I mean no disrespect to Broforce or any other game in the world I love them all. I ment pushing the limits in a different direction something I can do, Broforce is good in their direction.

    I am just burning to work hard to achieve something big for myself (Push myself to my limits if you will)
  • So you're basically asking for free labour and free money so you can make some game? Without sharing a concept/ prototype/ screen shots/ past games/ anything, you expect people are going to fund your game or work on it for free? Why would anyone do that?
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  • I honestly recommend getting at least a part time job to help fund your game. A game this ambitious is going to cost thousands if you outsource half the stuff. But before that, make a quick and easy game and put it on a store. I think just before you leap into this you need to taste what is coming.
  • Hey!
    Welcome to the forum.

    I can't really apologize on behalf of anybody else, but I regret some of the seemingly hostile responses above. Don't take it personally though.

    How much do you think you might still need to learn?
    What are your strengths and weaknesses right now?
    How can we guage your profficiency?
    I only ask this becasue I don't want to make any assumptions about your skill level (over or under estimated)
    I think it's great that you feel so inspired and motivated. Anything is possible given enough time.
    But for me personally, it has been much more rewarding focusing on smaller projects with focuses on various aspects of game design.

    Why would others join in on your project?
    Where could you find free content?
    Unfortunately most of the people here are working hard on their own ideas (or hoping to join a paying studio) (or hoping to find people to work for them.) (Forgive me if I missed any of you who are here for other reasons.)
    You may be better off relying on free/paid assets from the web for now. Even if only to put prototypes together.
    I second @Eric 's suggestion for a job on the side (assuming you might not be employed already)

    What about Unity
    Have you considered Unity?
    The reason I mention this is because, although Unreal is great in many ways, it seems like Unity is a slightly more popular platform around here.
    As such...
    You might find more support in Unity... That's just my perception though.
    I'd be happy to lend you a hand if you get stuck on something in an existing project...
    Let me be clear that I'm not offering active contribution or joining the team...
    (I also don't require recognition or reward for any help I might give you. )
    And if it is something you could/should figure out on your own I may just point you towards some learning material instead.

    Among other things I've helped with
    - Shaders,
    - Automated turrets,
    - Motion scripts,
    - Input-control scripts,
    - Animated Models
    and various bug fixes.
    (Networking, Pathfinding and 2D are not my biggest strengths right now)

    Again, welcome to the forums.
    Sharing your ideas and progress will be the best way to get people to be interested and helpful with your project.
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    Pierre said:
    I can't really apologize on behalf of anybody else, but I regret some of the seemingly hostile responses above. Don't take it personally though.
    I agree. Quite disappointing. I will try and follow your example.

    For temporary decent quality art try these options:
    - Unity asset store
    - (2D)
    - Turbosquid (3D)
    - TF3D (The free 3D)
    - Screenshot stuff you like. Replace the illegal art with custom art when the game starts attracting attention.
    - Don't use art. This will make development unexciting but you could complete a decent prototype without art.

    I can supplement @Pierre on Pathfinding in or outside of Unity.

    You are going to have to share a prototype if you want serious contribution.
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  • I thank the few for the help!
    I am getting funding and it's not a real problem I was just looking for people getting captured in the
    concept and see who is on for the game.
    I have had a lot of things stolen from me so I will not openly share my game!

    Thanx again!
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    joshken said:
    Anyway, every kid starts out with a vision to make this huge game, to replicate the things they've been playing, without the slightest understanding of what goes into it all. They grow up and learn of the impracticality of making your own Mass Effect or COD. Some never learn though. Since we don't have the best skills or recources, the smartest studios in the country understand that the key is to make smaller games.
  • I'll put in my two cents, when I came to this community, out of the blue, I found it somewhat brutal. However I decided to stick around and now have a pretty good understanding of why people post advice that seems hostile to someone that is new here.

    It's basically like a streaker from a near-by nudist beach wondering into a gentleman's club, the comments are not pretty, but you shouldn't judge the gentleman by their shock driven response. :D

    You really should make a smaller game before you try something that will break all records, this community can help you with advice for nearly everything that is required to do so. However, you really shouldn't be aiming for AAA-groundbreaking-openworld for your first project.

    I do hope you stick around.
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    @TREDX This might be worth a watch for you :)

    YouTube Playlist

    I dont agree with everything in the video's but it should be a good start for you
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