Best way to distribute a deckbuilding game for feedback?

I've created a deck building game that I'd like to post here for feedback. I can put up a print and play version, but that would be a lot of printing. Any ideas?
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  • Print and play is usually the best... If you design the cards to be the same size as magic cards (or actually, a little smaller) then it's really easy to slip those into sleeves and play.

    If you're near a meetup (CT this week wednesday!) then bring it along so it can be played.

    I'm always keen on deck-builders, gimme! I'm more than willing to spend some quality time with a guillotine at the nearby print shop - just make sure that I only have to cut once between cards and you fit as many cards as possible on a single sheet and I'm happy :)
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    The standard and best print and play template for cards is 9 cards in a 3x3 formation, each just slightly bigger than a magic card, so you can print on normal paper, sleeve with old magic cards, and it'd fill out the sleeve well.

    I hear you on "a lot of printing". One thing I've found with print and plays is to keep the number of cards to as small a set as you can to see if a mechanic works - for example your design might be 500 cards, but you only really need maybe 200 in a single game. Then, you can look at your card distribution and reduce it - if everything comes in 6 and 3 copies, then reduce to 3 and 1, which would likely call for a reduction game length by setting lower point goals, whatever. That way you maximise the chance of having people play your game as opposed to thinking "omg so many cards fuck that".

    Rather leave people wanting more than overwhelmed, especially in prototyping.

  • Ok cool. I'll make some adjustments from the last playtest and reduce it, then I'll put a version up.
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