Micro-transaction/IAP data for South Africa

I was wondering if anyone here has run into any data on what spending patterns for micro-transactions in mobile games is like in Africa, specifically SA. We're investigating going a project for a client in this space. I'm specifically interested in any data on lower LSM groups.

I've spoken to some friends who used to make games on Mxit a couple of years ago, and that was really useful, but more info is always good.


  • @Gibbo may be able to help?
  • I know a local company doing lots of this, called Rorotika...but they are not very public in the indie scenes, they focus on USSD stuff for cellphone companies. Maybe try to ask them.
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    @LexAquillia - had a look at my databases but the info doesn't go that granular to cover micro-transactions. I can look at demographic breakdowns of people in SA who say they play games on mobile (total audience of roughly 9.5m for people who say they tend to play cellphone games in an average week)

    @Riocide - wouldn't recommend targeting lower LSM groups (LSM 1-4) for mobile games as this group is mostly just feature-phone users (0% of people in LSM 1-3 have a smart phone, it only starts from LSM 4 at 18% of the total LSM 4 group having access to a smart phone)

    Rather look at mid-LSM's. For example of the above total cellphone gaming audience, 54% of them fall into LSM 5-7 (LSM 8-10 makes up 42.5% of the audience)
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