The uncanny valley (and interstellar marines).

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Near the end of the video, it happens.

For me, this indicates the dangers of trying to work on big scale, high detail, 3D games.

Also, they always cut scenes before showing the explosions (sad face).


  • Lol. But all the way through, the whole production had that... 1999 feel to it. Animations lacked punch, fingers didn't quite grip, movements that seemed more like floaty balloons than actual movement.

    So for me, I feel they tried too hard and fell too short. Rather they concentrated on a few little things than to make a whole lot of compromises.
  • They aren't showing that footage anymore I think. Turns out that is from 2009.

    They are trying to Kickstarter it right now:

    And although their Kickstarter video looks better, it's weirdly confusing. I left feeling "I want to support these guys,but they just aren't displaying good ideas that I haven't seen before".
  • Ok. I really liked the sheer balls of the sharkosaur things.
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    Meh, the video started out erm, interesting with what I thought was a TED talk ripoff recording, then got cheesy with the whole cook thing, then he shot off about something about interstellar... level up... leather seat... Then I couldn't give a damn anymore.

    The problem is, who would bother with the promise of a AAA title when there are already AA titles out there? And the "pre-order" pledge is $60 anyway. Go get Mass Effect. Any of them. I don't see why I want to support people who want to aim for AAA dev without the AAA budget.

    The Sharkdogs from the first video was cool though. Much cooler than this, despite technically lesser competence.
  • I get the feeling these guys should rather make movies. The game looks cool, but it seems like they're more excited about the movies they make...
  • @Rigormortis I noticed in the youtube comments that it's actually a fan made video
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    The first video I believe was what they showed at E3 at some point. It's definitely not what they're showing off now, nor the state of their game.

    In any case. @Dislekcia Yes! The sharkdogs are really really cool. And based on that I'd hope for some kind of splatter house tongue in cheek mutant science adventure. But these guys seem determined to do something predictable and serious, but they don't have the budget to pull off predictable and serious.

    I guess they were quite open about the fact that the original team had to be laid off. Wherever that sharkdog designer is I hope he/she is still warping nature for the cause of awesomeness. Maybe if Interstellar Marines makes its moneys they'll be able to rehire.
  • @Denzil, I was talking about the KickStarter video. It seems they did a lot of editing and had to do a storyboard. But then again, I don't know much about films and video editing.
  • Sharksdogs = For the win. That is all.
  • It's remarkable that a small team with the funding they had, or rather didn't have, were able to get that far, but it remains sad that they spent so much time making so much normal AAA stuff.

    What really stood out for me, ever since I first heard of the project, was the way they use things that are very common in a lot of AAA titles, like leveling up, cinematic experience, and immersion, and turn that into key selling points as if it is groundbreaking stuff. That's just sad.

    I wonder if they ever take a step back and realise that it's just not that good a game when compared to their competitors.
  • I came across this demo reel a couple of months ago, and I was really impressed with the sharkdogs (which move more like cats).

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