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  • Okay, so your IP says you're in Cape Town, but your style of post screams SPAMBOT.

    If you are actually a local developer looking to get feedback and information, you need to understand that this is not a good way to engage with the community.

    1. That adfocus crap does not fly, stop it. The actual link it redirects to (if anyone is interested) is here:

    2. I'm not convinced those games are anything other than copy-paste projects from elsewhere. Some of them look particularly dodgy and I wouldn't download them to check...

    3. Posting multiple spam threads is simply not okay, no matter what your intentions.

    Please reply here and indicate that you understand that this community isn't a spam dumping ground or this account will be banned as a spambot.
    Thanked by 1Kobusvdwalt9
  • Sorry dude. I was trying to promote my games.
  • "Dude", if this is what you think "promotion" entails, you have a lot more to learn before you start to promote anything. I hope you look around here and learn what it means to talk about your game in a way that is not spam.

    You've literally made people NOT want to look at your game in the way you've just dumped it here.
    Thanked by 2Kobusvdwalt9 joshken
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