[Prototype] Procedural City Generation

Been working on this for the past few days, pretty happy with the result. It's a procedural city generator made in Unity. Pretty simple from a logic point of view, yet a bit tricky to implement. The roads data is split into road segments and road intersections, starting few intersections determine the overall look of the city. The existing road segments are continually broken down into smaller segments and appropriate new segments and intersections are added. Once the grid has been positioned the building placing starts, it consists of checking if the current road-side position is already occupied by a building and places buildings that have no conflicts into the road "slots", building size is somewhat randomized.


  • I'm a big fan of procedural content generation.
    I think what you've got going here is very interesting.
    I hope you don't mind if I launch into some questions here...

    Does this use Voronoi spacing? Or is the code for Block/zoning your own unique implementation?
    Can the city generate on the fly, or is it pregenerated?
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    I didn't use any formal/known techniques for the generation, it's my own implementation.

    The video is playing in real-time, so I suppose it's real-time generation, there are even some easy to implement optimizations that would make it quicker.
  • This thread came up recently in another thread and I noticed I haven't posted the blog entry that was made about this.

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