A: Katamari - The prince

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Hi I just started exploring in the world of game art & pixel graphics ( got alot to learn, and loving it). This is my fist atempt..
T_T I finished it~ok I'd change a lot but anyway, its sposed to be katamari ( the prince) napping after all the hard work of rolling around the Katamari.
Njoy ^_^
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  • Hey Ally! Welcome to makegamesSA :D

    Very cool little guy! The shading's pretty good and the isometric works well :)
  • Sweet! Haven't got much time left on the competition though ;)

    Can you make his eyes more obviously closed, maybe give him some floating Z's to indicate he's sleeping? One of the tricks that people use to show sleep is to tilt the head back a bit and open the mouth slackly, dunno if you have space to pull that off, but I reckon you might be able to "roll" the face up a tad.

    Glad you signed up!
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    I think those eyes are supposed to be sneaky half-open eyes, not sleeping eyes........ Oh wait, she said he's napping. OK then yes they should be obviously closed :)
    like this --->
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  • Thanks guys :) will post back here once Iv'e done changes.
  • Hi here's some amends I made ^_^
    Thanks for the tips
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  • Though I like the sly Prince, this one's closer to how you wanted him - ie sleeping :)

    Last thing (sorry didn't mention before :P) is to make feet that pointed upwards since he was lying down :) Just a liiiiittle bit :)

    Very cool @Ally :)

  • Thanks, I knew something was missing, couldn't pinpoint it :)
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  • This thread is terrible every time I come here I get the Katamari theme stuck in my head >.< but the art is just so good!
  • Wow thanks :)
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