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Hi everyone,

my friend and I have decided on making a game on Unity and in C#. Unfortunately, our knowledge of this language is little to none. We are currently doing tutorials and it is going well, so now I want to ask the MGSA community to help us out a bit as we fear our project might be a bit too large as a first game. Where would you suggest we start practicing on first? We have already learnt from the NAG community that to start small and practice is the best way to go. We would also like to ask if there is anyone willing to give us some pointers on the Unity basics and some tricks so that we can start to practice our skills. Thanks for everyone who are willing to show a helping hand!


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    Seriously? Make Tetris. It's a dead simple game, and you know all the rules, so the basic design and gameplay are solved problems. The question is - how do you BUILD it? Working that bit out and implementing it is the best way to start. And if you get stuck, ask! :)

    EDIT: IMPORTANT. If you guys find that Unity is too complex (and since you've been doing tutorials like champions, you'll have an idea of what's involved), there are loads of other tools out there that are more beginner-friendly. Try it out and see, because Unity is radsauce, but don't give up if you find yourselves over your heads technically! There are alternatives. :D
  • I wouldn't even start at Tetris, make Pong!
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  • Gazza_N, I think you may have misunderstood. I'm saying we're doing tutorials of C#, not of Unity. That's why I want some pointers on the basics
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    Aaaah, righto.

    BAM. http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules

    The projects on that page should get you familiar with Unity by guiding you through making some basic games. Once you're familiar with how Unity works, you can start implementing your own stuff.
  • Thx Gazza, look out for my games in 2018! :D
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  • Arminvw said:
    Thx Gazza, look out for my games in 2018! :D
    If you are a logical thinker and a fast learner then you will be making games in 2015!
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