A: Rat Ogre

@D3zmodos, I see your Necron Warrior and raise you a Rat Ogre :P Skaven will rule the surface world! Just not as long as I am the general.


My attempt, and I do stress attempt. Please feel free to bash it :)

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  • @D3zmodos, I see your Necron Warrior and raise you a Rat Ogre :P Skaven will rule the surface world! Just not as long as I am the general.
    Had to search Skaven, I know nothing about Warhammer fantasy, only 40k so ye... (I should probably mention that in my own thread...I've also never actually seen/played the tabletop game, just read books/the PC games) =/

    Regarding the actual art: Those bandages look really good! :D
    The green for the eye seems a little odd though, I think a kind of slightly-darker, dirty-kinda yellow would be more suitable from what I see in the picture

    He also has really broad/pointy shoulders. :P I'm totally making direct comparisons between your 2 pictures but seeing as though you conveniently put them next to each other...but ye, his shoulder looks a bit funny because of how sharp/far out it is compared to your reference picture.
  • Cool style! :D

    I think the two shades of red (as opposed to 50 shades of grey lol) for the blood areas don't translate thaaat well, it could be that they're just SO far apart and the brown and the dark red clashes invisibly, and/or it could be that the colour bits needs to make more sense (down by his stitches especially).

    The rest of the brown character could benefit from some 2nd and/or 3rd shade highlights.

    I love the 3 hairs on top of his head, it's a nice simplification :)
  • So awesome to see Warhammer characters in this comp!

    You definitely need to add multiple shades to your character, but I think you missed that the Rat Ogre doesn't have a lot of fur on him. He's been so mutated by the warp that it's actually mulitple tones of flesh and he only has patches of fur. If you look at the reference pic you'll see he's only got a bit of brown on the top of his head as a hairstyle. Keep it brown where you've got lines of black behind the bandage and quickly work in pinker/lighter tones below that.

    Instead of the traditional eye you've got with the white-of-the-eye surrounding a iris, look at the reference pic how it's just an orb of pain (his & yours) and hate! Your eye is very "friendly" and needs to become "angry".

    I really like that you've got a good dark tone for the outline of the bandage as supposed to black
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  • Hey guys, thanks for the feedback :) I probably don't have to say it, but I generally don't do art. That's why it's in the state it's in :P. But I will try to fix it up during the week so that your comments weren't for nought.
  • I'm having fun with this, much like a bull in a china shop :P

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  • The eye's a very awesome improvement, other than that I'll say - more shades, give it a rougher texture :)
  • His eye is infected! (nice touch)
  • This is the current WIP. I'm starting to do the shading, or at least that is what I think I'm doing. Am I on the right track? Any tips to go on from here?
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  • In my new found experience, which I don't feel is worth much, you want the shading to show a contour, or something where lighting would fall on the subject. The shadow between the bandages is much large than the one in front. The shadow by the eye makes me think that it has a small skull.
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    a good exercise would be try to take the original pic, and draw all the light bits lighter than your base colour. Then all the dark bits darker than your base colour, do them separately. Then put them together, have a look. Change what you feel like is too mucky. Try it :)

    Learning means starting with copying :)
  • @Tuism, that is what I was thinking. I started by just marking the wide areas that I think should be lighter/darker than the base. I have done everything yet mind you just the parts on the head. Well some of them anyway :P

    @Karuji, thanks for the input man. I'll try to focus on that. The two most important for me at the moment that I want to really show is the countours around the eye. Hopefully I can get it right.
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