[Jam] Glorious Trainwrecks starts impromptu game jam due to spambot!

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Go, read the spambot ramblings, be inspired, make something :)

If you do start making something, be sure to start a thread here starting with [Spamjam]. If you just have funny ideas from the text, feel free to write em up here and laugh with the rest of us!


  • Oh wow. Just wow.
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    Is the concept we should make something that no one would want to play and unsolicitedly make people we don't know play it?

    Or is it about selling Ugg boots poorly to enslaved females? (I imagine the "enslaved" aspect of females, and indeed males, is political commentary by the spambot about how our possessions appear to control our behavior, and I can understand how it might appear this way to the spambot, it being an anti-materialist due to lack of corporeality.)
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  • God damn you @BlackShipsFillT there is now tea on my keyboard! Damn your rapier wit and humour!
  • I see a text adventure that you're never sure if is actually intelligently constructing the adventure as you go :)
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