Aloz I'm new, sort of

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So I found this site after SAGameDev went "away", looks like almost every one migrated here, I wasn't very active on the SAGD but I want to be more active here.
I have finally put up my site for my game creation endeavors and it hasn't crashed yet so that is a good sign, the site is for anyone interested.
I will hopefully be posting updates soon of our first game, it's still in pre alpha but there is info on it on my site.
Thank you for reading.
PS. This site looks great!


  • welcome! I love all things mecha, so keen to see whatever it is :) Rawr :)
  • So far the first game we are working on is one where you play as the sandman, I also love all things mecha. After this game I'm planning a single player game set in a rather large universe filled with 7 races and lotsa tech and mecha (evil laugh)
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