[Event] Cape Town community meet up - 31-10-2012

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When: Wednesday the 31st of October, 2012. Starts at 18:30, ends at 21:00 (although socialising afterward is encouraged)!

Where: Microsoft offices, Engen building 2nd floor, Golf Park, Mowbray.
Google map location

  • Talk: Their Dirty Little Secrets: Hidden Prototypes of Famous Devs - @Nandrew
  • Talk: "that talk, the one which I haven't written yet" - @BlackShipsFilltheSky and @bevis
  • Demo: BlockBoy - @Pomb
  • Demo: Death Smashers - The actinic ones.
Moar demos?

Pizza and liquids courtesy of MXit - so we need ideas of numbers people!
Feel free to dress up if so inclined! We'll post pics here for blackmail purposes :)
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  • I wanted to talk about feedback.
  • I'd be open to talk on something if I can leave work in time. Also dress up, interesting
  • Damn I wanted to make it to at least one Cape Town meet up this year - we are going on vacation to Cape Town from the 22nd to 28th this mont and we just missed the date lol, well now I just have to go on vacation to Cape Town more
  • Yeah I'm also going to miss out on this unfortunately. Damn exams :( Only been to one so far, but definitely want to come again.
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    I've got a prototype called BlockBoy that I'd like to show and get feedback on, if I can get use of someones laptop and some volunteers to test :)
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  • @Pomb upload it after the meeting for the rest of us who can't attend :) It's always great to get feedback! My own game is on halt now until the december holidays. Can't wait to work on it again!
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    I'm there like a bear
  • Dress up party! (yeah i'm in)
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    Okay, so I have a topic of interest if anyone's keen (gonna spam talks until I get better at mouthbreathing in general):

    I believe that too many people getting into development feel compelled to build up the very first monolithic project that they think of instead of prototyping a whole bunch of little ideas and then following up on the best one. I also believe that many developers get extremely discouraged when they hit on several dud projects in a row, further compelling them to just latch onto the next idea they make instead of accepting losses as part of the natural dev cycle and moving on.

    We see prominent developers internationally and think, "Oh man, they just shit gold every single time they do ANYTHING. If I'm to be any good, I must do that too."

    I believe that behind every successful developer, about a million billionty battered prototypes and half-arsed throwaways which we never ever ever see are hiding away on their hard drives. I'd like to go dig some of those up and talk about them at the meetup, just as a basic way of saying, "Hey guys, it's fine if you make a whole bunch of little games that never go anywhere, the best of us have that problem too."

    I think that for all intents and purposes, people smile and nod when we pitch Rapid Prototyping as the way forward in game development, but never really internalise its value. By delivering a talk which I'd like to provisionally entitle Their Dirty Little Secrets: Hidden Prototypes of Famous Devs, I hope to show people that this problem is simply a reality of development that affects everyone, no matter how much mad street cred you've got under your belt.

    I'll put some proper research effort into this and contact numerous prolific devs directly to see if they can throw me some really really lame shit that they've cobbled together over the years (bonus points for failed prototypes they made *after* becoming world-famous).

    It would serve the dual purpose of ( A ) encouraging / inspiring newbies who feel like they just fail waaaay too often and ( B ) actually backing up the stuff we find ourselves telling people OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN with basically the strongest and hardest-hitting examples conceivable.

    Value-added extra: laugh at really crappy games made by high-class devs. Let's see if we can find Daikatana: Indie Edition!

  • @Nandrew, can you post videos here so we from jozi can check out the talk as well? Please? :)
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    Wait, did you mean that Daikatana was actually any good?


    That's an awesome idea, I totally agree with the approach, and even though I think I've tried to stick to the approach, it's really difficult not to think really long and hard and try to "salvage" or "uplift" (like the Krogans) what you got at the mo cos you really really believe in it.

    Knowing when to stop and try something else is really a virtue! Would LOVE to see the talk!
  • I keep wanting @Nandrew videos :<
  • I'll be there! @Nandrew I love your idea for a talk, please do this!
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    Ooooh! Nandrew that topic sounds certain to induce new heights of entertaining/informative mouthbreathing! Brilliant idea!
  • Here's mine, and Raithza's contribution to terrible prototypes that failed:
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  • That game looks awesome lol
    was that the only command? I'm guessing if there were more commands (or if one could discover the commands it recognised)

    what happened to the pigeon from the beginning?
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    There were quite a few commands... ridiculously/frustratingly the game kind of ganks you at the start... it's kind of like the experience of being hired into a job you have no idea how to do (and as a result you may resort to taunting to solve every problem).

    If you actually pass the taunt-at-your-underlings section the pigeon then beats you at a debate.
  • The only ones I tried that worked were: TAUNT, COMPLIMENT, ENCOURAGE, SALUTE. :P
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    The strategy is to mash the keyboard... (not that the game encourages any strategic thinking or fun). It's weird that "SALUTE" works. That only barely makes sense.
  • "Salute" as in... "good job, sir!" that makes perfect sense.
  • I wonder if "HUG" works, or "BACK PAT" or "MASSAGE"...
  • Well, you wrote the game didn't you? Unless you're talking about would those work "IRL". Why don't you try them out as research for this? I think the game could really work :)
  • for the numbers, I'll be coming to the meetup!

    been in a work hole, I popped my head out an there are like a billion posts I need to read...
  • I wonder if "HUG" works, or "BACK PAT" or "MASSAGE"...
    Would have been an awesome way to kick off the sexual harassment lawsuit minigame we had planned....
  • Hi guys

    Looking forward to attending the event next Wednesday. Please remember to indicate whether you're attending or not, so I can organise enough pizza and drinks! :)

    Perhaps just heart this message if you are attending?

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    Do we need video coverage for this one? I can get Cameras from AFDA but I need a ride from Obs to the MS HQ. Is anyone going that way that would be willing to lend a Hand?
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  • Coverage would be awesome. If no-one is coming from Obs direction then I can pick you up.
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  • I'll be attending though I might be late. Can't wait. Is the dress up haloween themed?
  • @Jwho303, I'll swing by Obs, it is not far off my normal route :)
  • @LexAquillia that would be great :D thanks
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    Also, we want to show off Death Smashers. PLZ.

    So I'll be doing that talk, the one which I haven't written yet, and presenting a game which we started yesterday...

    I hope you guys are getting yourselves moist with anticipation because this stuff is so fresh it's going literally smash your brains to actual shit.
  • sh·it [shh-it] noun
    waste matter discharged from the body, especially feces.
  • But seriously. We're pretty keen to show off what we're doing. Sorry about the crazy posts.
  • Schedule updated!

    There's room for a couple more demos :)
  • Please video these and remember to put them up!! :D
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    Lol! Actinic deathsmashers are the best kind!
  • Might not be able to make it to this one, pending what happens with the move tomorrow. Demo removal :S
  • Nooooooooo! Though maybe that means an extended play of Death Smashers (Sneaky Looking Face) ... Back to work!
  • I have an exam tomorrow, but I'll hopefully be there.
  • @Squidcor said:
    I have an exam tomorrow, but I'll hopefully be there.
    Free pizza. It's a food-related trip.
  • My parents wouldn't let me go because of exams... :'<
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    Was a really awesome meetup. Sorry I was super unprepared. I'm really glad we had a wizard and Nandrew to set things straight.
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    @D3zmodos Why? It's not like you studied anyway (the rumours I hear...) :D

    I wanted to go too. Especially because of the food (just kidding, but not really). But you know, exams and projects and all around bad times.

    How many people were present by the way?
  • It wasn't at capacity... but quite a few I think... like 30?

    It looked like @Jwho303 got some awesome video footage.
  • Yeah, I'd consider that even with the bite taken out of the usual crowd it was still delightfully well-occupied.
  • Thanks for an awesome night, guys! Looking forward to the next one.
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    Yup footage is looking good, definitely going to get a mic for next time.
    @Tuism could you swing the project file for your sweet ass logo?
    @Nandrew can I get your hi-tech power point?
    Thanks again guys, talks were great, I paraphrased what you guys said about prototyping to my VFX class so they can learn to take baby steps :)
    @BlackShipsFilltheSky can I get the cacodeamon pic? Got i really cool title card in mind :D

    Email is jwho303 @ gmail
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    Oooh, hope the mouth-noises are at least vaguely intelligible. :) Sorry, prolly should've considered projecting more for the vid.

    Firing off that mail for ya.
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