Desktop Dungeons gameplay video (includes musics!)

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Here's a clip that I was asked to put together for a PAX panel:

The panel itself was a discussion about the games that just didn't make it into the PAX 10, called "The PAX 11-13". I was rather bummed on hearing that we came really close, actually. Would have loved to go to PAX this year, seeing as I've never been before and am starting to miss last year's traveling (I really wish we could have gone to IndieCade this year too, that was so much fun!)

Haven't heard anything back about the panel yet. Still trying to find people who went to it! Obviously I'm interested in the suggestions on how to make the game better, although I do suspect that a lot of them would have been "Get rid of the horrible temporary menus" and "Add in more animation" which is pretty much exactly what we're doing.

I'm really happy with the music in this, seeing as this is the first time that we've shown music and DD gameplay together. Danny Baranovsky and Grant Kirkhope (I still get shivers when I realise we're working with them) really are amazing composers :D
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  • Looks great. Music adds a nice atmosphere too.
  • I still feel really, really stupid about the time I wasted in that middle run, trying to hunt down that shade. Derp.

    Captured about 90 minutes of footage to get the right set of events (ho hum, problems with a randomly generated game, har har) and was really stoked with that Witchalok Pendant popping up, seeing as it's our PA ref in the game ;)
  • Moar explosions?
  • Moar explosions?
    Yes! Eventually I'm hoping to have enemies go all gibby when you smack them to death :D
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    Overkill gibbing? (the single most best feedback opportunity in all violent gaming) (alongside normal killing/gibbing)

    (The music is REALLY good... btw... though I'm sure you don't need me telling you as much)
  • Music really adds to the experience - especially when watching and not playing.

    Gogogo kick ass :)
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    The video just got featured on Venus Patrol :)

    I'm guessing the attention also has something to do with Brandon(nn) being one of our Exclusive Edition buyers and his subdungeon (Venus Patrol themed, natch) was just finished. Still, it really pays to have content for people to find when they want to talk about your game. Thanks for being the thing that pushed me to upload that video, MGSA!

    Also, I love the description of the game - great concise writeup of a lot of the core concepts we try to get across to new players. I'm definitely going to be referring to it similarly in the future.
  • Awesome! Congrats Venus Patrol is really bleeding edge stuff :)

    Do you know where he found it? Did you put it up on the DD blog?
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    Well played sir!
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    Been meaning to buy it, just never actually got around to it. Did it today, and wondering what eternal gratitude tastes like!

    [edit] It tastes a lot like "Error launching Unity player: Bad file length!" :P
  • Too used to seeing it around, kept forgetting to buy it :) Add one more beta tester :)

    AND I'm still waiting for the iOS release!!!!! (FTL too, those guys' iOS market are gonna get taken over by Star Command)
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    A suggestion on DD - wanted to buy the $20 one, clicked buy, and got sent through to payment, filled in details of paypal, etc, and saw that I was paying $10 only then.

    Make the radio selection for choosing which version to buy a bit more obvious - or make them clickable through the three giant descriptors on top, or make them directly above the buy button... Cos as they're to the right they're not in the logical flow of reading - you read the buy button first before the radio selection.

    I imagine a few people who wanted to buy $20 missed it and ended up getting $10 without knowing... Monetisation issues :P At least it wasn't as bad as Gasketball :P

    [edit] For me it tasted like crashing my iTunes, laggggggging my system for 30 seconds, then crashed the page. Chrome survived :P

    Is there a general mehness with the Unity web player for semi-complex stuff?
  • I'll probably get around to buying it in december. I really don't think it's good to have DD as a distraction before the exams and project deadlines :P
  • @Elyaradine if you are using Unity on your computer it can cause the web player to crash, and other weird things.
  • I don't know why, but I tried just now and it worked fine. ^_^ Played up until getting the bank.
  • Eep. Sorry for the crashes... We're having problems with Chrome and the Unity plugin right now: Stuff that was super stable has randomly started crashing in Chrome. It feels like the browser is memory-strangling us somehow, NFI how to fix it. Works fine in FireFox.

    Download errors happen if the content gets a timeout or something equally annoying, the game is only 20MB, which is smaller than most youtube videos.

    @Tuism: Good points on the buy page. I do need revisit that. (Adds to stuff that needs poking on the site)
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