[Prototype] A game about a dude hocking boogers at strangers

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It turns out people actually liked my game about AIDS (the one shown at Amaze, will put that up some time soon)

So... I cleaned up the code and now I'm trying to make it more fun.

Heres the current state: http://goo.gl/pNdJm, no way to win or lose atm but you'll get the general idea.

Suggestions? Criticisms? What up.


  • Controls: wasd or arrows to move, mouse to aim
  • Odd. I'm prompted to install the Unity Web Player and get nothing else showing, despite the fact that I definitely have it.
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    I'd like to see the theme conveyed a bit more strongly in the mechanics (although I do like that the game seems to become progressively more deadly).

    Is there maybe a way to convey how HIV infects friendly cells and uses them to spawn more HIV?

    I assume the player is an immune response cell fighting against HIV cells that are crowding in?

    Otherwise I thought this might be portraying the player as a dude hocking boogers at strangers who are all crowding in trying to have unprotected sex with him.
  • @Nandrew If you using Google Chrome click the shield in the top right and load anyway. It appears that the website is being served over SSL but the actual content isn't.
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky I want it less to be about theme and more about fun gameplay. The reason I chose the name is because I'm lazy :/

    It would be cool if enemies stuck together and made new enemies (if you know what I mean), will try add that in over the weekend :)

    @CorruptedHeart That seems to only happen with chrome. What I did was upload a web build to my dropbox and share that link here. Is there anyway to get it to play nice?
  • Now with moar descriptive title :D wanted to call it "a game about a dude hocking boogers at strangers who are all crowding in trying to have unprotected sex with him" (@BlackShipsFilltheSky is pretty good with this name stuff) but you can't make titles that long :(
  • @Stray_Train you might want to switch from Input.GetAxis to Input.GetKey
  • This was pretty fun dude!
    My thought puke:
    Adding some barriers could make for more strategic manoeuvring, found myself just spiralling the projectile boogers.
    Maybe collectibles that decrease the spawn rate of the unprotected rapists. (hahahaha @BlackShipsFilltheSky)
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