Peter Moleynuex's Curiosity

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Saw this article on Gamasutra of PM being extremely enthusiastic about tapping

Then the curiosity live demo towards the end of his unity keynote, well worth a watch, has some good points about simplicity and adding fun to simplicity

So apparently this game will allow millions of people to engage at the same time, I can see tons of possibilities this opens up, and not having prescribed rules really allows for emergent gameplay or just pure interaction. It sounds really interesting and is coming very soon.

Sure some gamers would say "what's the point of not killing dragons with m16s?" but many would be drawn to it. The design of the game is also unmistakably Nintendo/Playstation - as in their flagship, generic, happy world full of happy feedback, which is great for the playful atmosphere.

Looking forward to it :) happy to be tapping on an iPad :)


  • Those collars make me weep. :P
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    Seriously, I think he more than *thinks* he's a superhero :)

    I do wonder if this "million people engagement" on such a base level (tapping) is redundant in our world of Facebook, twitter and stuff. It certainly is much more immediate (in theory), but yeah very experimental :)
  • I'd tap that.

    Though they should be worried that the ponzi scheme mechanic might make the end seem like a major disappointment and make people rage ala Mass Effect 3.
  • Curiosity is out now... I got it... And seriously it's VERY boring. Sure it's about curiosity, and sure it's about having a million people on at the same time, but.... I can't see if anyone is doing things (chunks of blocks disappear at a time cos of - I think - lag) and the goal is simply too far away to care.

    Anyone else tried it yet?
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