Darkout on Greenlight!

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Hey guys,

It's Adrian Banninga here from team Darkout. Some of you may remember us from the SA Gamedev site that went down. Well Darkout is now on Steam Greenlight and we really need all votes we can get to release on steam.


We'd really appreciate your support!

We just put up a new trailer as well, check it out and let us know what you think!

Thanks for everyone in the community who have supported us this far :)


  • Nice trailer! I love how your audio really brings out the creepy atmosphere of your game! :D

    One little bit of critique is that I think it's physically too dark. I get that that's your theme, but I found I was straining my eyes to see even the stuff directly around the character. The bits of bright colour here and there (torches and stuff) stood out great, but the light they were supposedly casting was barely visible to me. (Could be how I've calibrated my monitor though, maybe it's time I checked that again.)

    Good luck, guys! :)
  • Hey Wrecker, awesome job. The visuals are looking great! I'm not too fond of your character animation over the terrain (when running), it looks quite rigid. A pretty minor thing tho. Upvoted, good luck!
  • The visuals looks awesome! With Terraria already out and Starbound around the corner (so they say) it's on the gameplay that you'll be competing, looking forward to some kind of playable code? :)

    On the darkness thing, if its a design choice (procedural horror game?) why not? Otherwise it's a shame if everything that seems to be super pretty is veiled in 50 shades :p
  • looks awesome! upvoted
  • Why are your health bars blue? And why is that so often the same colour as your background? This confuses me...
  • Looks pretty slick!

    I do have to ++ the "too dark in general" and the "blue health bars on blue background" comments though. The darkness could just be the video capture, but if it is that dark to actually play, you're going to alienate a lot of players.
  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for everyone who have voted for us on Steam, all your support is very much appreciated! :)

    I know you all have some comments regarding the dark look of the game and I'll quickly cover the reasons for it.

    Firstly, as you all know video compression on YouTube does darken videos quite a bit, and on the first trailer we kinda compensated for that with brightening up the video in post, but it made the colours look a little washed out, so we stuck with what we got on YouTube this time.

    The enemies in our game can only spawn in shadow/dark areas and this world is supposed to be ruled completely by them, but as you go and build your base with light sources and place more lights throughout the world it does get brighter, and this is totally under your control. We are definitely not the only game out there that has been dark like this, or even darker and I'm sure when you get to play it yourself you will see that the lights you do have are quite good at lighting up the environment.

    Secondly, the blue health bars are a good point and is something we will still change before release :)

    We have also received a few comments about the player movement on the steam community and have spent the last few days smoothing it out as much as possible and now think we have a much better result, so all feedback is appreciated and definitely implemented as much as we can while still forging ahead on the other features in the game.

    Thanks for all the feedback and please tell all you know about our game and help us get as much exposure as we can, the new Steam Greenliht system is making it very difficult and does require total community involvement to get new games on steam, every vote posisble is needed.

  • @Wrecker

    Environments look amazing. I can see a great effort has been put into the development of the artwork!

    As for development, I'd say excellent job. The dynamic abilities of having enemies spawn in the dark; building a base and placing light sources throughout the world to influence how the rest of the game pans out is brilliant.

    Looking forward to seeing the "smoothed" out player movement. QUALITY work and congrats!

  • Your mechanic of darkness and light is brilliant, and makes the art make so much more sense. Cool!

    looking forward to something playable :)
  • I get darkness and light as state-changers (in this case from safe to enemy spawning, ala Minecraft), but I don't see why that has to be tied to visibility as well in a 2D game. In a 3D setting it makes sense because it emphasises immediacy and engagement: You're stuck and you can't see and OMG what was that noise, etc. But in a 2D setting it just limits the area on screen that's interesting... At least, that's what it seems like it would feel like to me. I'd probably have to play it. Closure does something very interesting with visible/invisible terrain where you don't collide with terrain you can't see, so black space onscreen becomes interesting because it's now passable, which makes light management really interesting as a mechanic. I kinda feel like you could have lots of phosporescent vegetation and get away with the game being much more visible (which is definitely important for 2D combat) and "dark" areas would actually be more blue/purple/green/cyan due to the natural light, while player light was much warmer and orange/yellow/red. That would also tie in with how we actually portray "darkness" in movies and all the warm fuzzy feelings we have towards flame-based light sources :)
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    Somewhat tenuously-relevant in terms of light-darkness, kinda...

    There's plenty of stuff that's hidden in darkness, but the stuff that I _have_ to see, I can see really clearly. :)
  • They definitely have a nice mechanic for their game, but quite different from what we want to do with the light and dark :)

    Also the eye's on our shadow enemies glow, so it's kinda creepy when they start appearing and you see a horde of them coming at you from all side in a dark tunnel.. :)

    We have been thinking of adding a brightness setting to the game, but we do want to keep the contrast between light and dark places and also force you to explore cautiously, not just run headlong into an area because you can always see exactly where to step. it's part of discovering pitfalls and also the City area has buildings that are falling apart with gaping holes in the floor, which if you have your jetpack equipped can be quite fun to traverse. It's also the most dangerous but resource rich area for the higher quality materials you need.

    We'll be in beta in about 2 weeks so testing from people who purchase the beta and their feedback will give us some valuable insight into what the dark world adds or detracts from gameplay.

    We also just started our Indiegogo campaign for anyone who wants to help support us on the way to release! :)


    Thanks for all your feedback guys!
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