The Humble Indie Bundle 6

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So I just got a friendly message from telling me the new bundle is out. I think I've been living under a rock as I don't know of any of these games except torchlight (which I already have).

So who's getting this and has anyone played these games? They all look kinda intriguing to me so I'll probably get it anyway.


  • Thanks for letting us know! :)

    The only other one I know is Rochard, and then only from a trailer I saw someone else playing which looked pretty cool.
  • I already have most of them, but have bought the bundle for S.P.A.Z and Dustforce.

    I really do like that they've allowed allocating the funds between the different devs, even though it does sort of erode the "bundling" idea somewhat.
  • In opposition to damousey yay a bundle where I don't own everything already.
  • Totally getting this :) haven't got any of them :)

    I've only heard of vessel that won something, and torchlight, well, no one liked diablo 3 so I guess I should go play something else to learn about a loot game for my own loot game :p
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    For anyone that doesn't know yet, 4 additional games have been added to the bundle. This includes
    BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown and Wizorb.
  • Oh Jamestown.
    I finally own you.
    And you'll finally pwn me.
  • I'm SOOOOO lus (thst's the word right?) for my PC at home when I can start playing the humble bundle games. And that royal back to school one also looks helluva cool too.

    Were always interested in Gratuitus Space Battles too :)
  • I'm just glad more people get to experience Jamestown ^_^
  • Jamestown is FTFW.
    Also Dustforce is totally sublime the aesthetic of the game humbles me n_n
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