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So... a preview video of the first section of the game's been put up. :)

Got some guys in the team who're keen to do talks at the meet next month if people are interested. Maybe have a demo of the game there to show off, and maybe some of the art workflow stuff... maybemaybe. :P
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  • Wow looks really amazing. Only comment I have (if I may) is that the camera seems too tight on the movement and especially during combat - I don't feel as much like I'm in control as I'd like (used to Devil May Cry, possibly).

    But yeah, just like the playable build I saw, it looks beautiful and actually really innovative in terms of bringing free-roaming melee fighter to the iPad :)

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    I don't know if you're looking for feedback here.

    I'd suggest looking into the animation system. The guy's feet slide around a lot during his attacks.

    The graphics are looking lovely. I like that the theme is strongly carried through to the interfaces. If the whole game has got this level of attention paid to it it's going to really stand out on mobile and satisfy a lot of customers.

    I'd love for the finishing moves to be a lot gorier (I'd love for reddish blood as well). There is no gibbing. I guess Kerosene is going for a young target audience (hence the young sounding narration).

    When you strike enemies there are no directional slashes or directional gouts of blood that indicate the force of the strike?

    Free roaming gameplay is certainly a big challenge that you guys have set yourselves. It doesn't exactly add much in this first preview though. I'm hoping that the game expands the player's options later to take advantage of this, even if it's just nuggets of story told through exploring the environment.

    Is there any scene where you can wonder out into the desert? And if so could you make a pact with the devil (who is disguised as a Tom Waits) to obtain dark powers? Although that suggestion has probably got too much 30 - 40 year old appeal.

    (In my mind I can't imagine an American desert without Tom Waits being in to somewhere, in a dusty top hat and the only shade for miles around is his own shadow, and he ain't the sharing type).

    I'm also wondering who the narrator is (and hoping this is clarified later).
  • (In my mind I can't imagine an American desert without Tom Waits being in to somewhere, in a dusty top hat and the only shade for miles around is his own shadow, and he ain't the sharing type).
    This is the most perfect scene setting in the history of Tom Waits.
  • Excellent work and congrats on the progress made on Bladeslinger so far! Will this game be available for Android tablets too?
  • @Landman: Yeah, it will as far as I know. :)

    Some of you know that we recently submitted a build of Bladeslinger to Apple - well our soft launch is officially available in the iOS app store in select areas as of today. Fuck yeah!
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    "Soft Launch"?

    I don't know the term. Must learn business speak! PLZ

    Congrats dude!
  • @BlackShipsFilltheSky soft launch = when you release your product on the market but don't make a big fanfare of it, so no major advertising no hoo-ha or anything. Soft launches normally also mean you release to a limited audience. With software it is typically used to catch last minute bugs etc :)
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    I wonder how that is arranged with Apple. It seems counter to a lot of release advice I've heard and given. (I suppose with strong Apple connections a soft launch wouldn't be a problem on IOS, but with weak Apple connections you'd be hobbling your earning potential)

    Although, if it's a free game that might change things I imagine (I am not aware of the pricing of Blade Slinger).
  • I don't know much about soft launches, but I know I'm hard for Blade Slinger.
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  • Nothing is "arranged"; it just means that you only go live in a limited number of smaller territories, like New Zealand or Canada. It's mostly to judge early customer feedback, hear about any missed showstoppers, and gather metrics on things; especially the game economy.

    You then feed this information back into the game for final full territorial launch. It's a pretty common practice nowadays actually :)
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    Well the point is that the soft launch doesn't make any noise, allowing you to make a noise and treat it like a real launch when you're ready without apple submission and various other potential surprises, right? It's like a public beta of sorts.

    Curious as to which regions you've soft launched to? Somewhere off the main tracks I presume... Lichtenstein? :)
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    Ah! The limited territories launch makes sense to me (I didn't actually know what was meant by "soft launch" with regards to IOS releases, I had assumed something else and was worried). I'm a bit out of touch.

    Good luck! I hope you get either lots of praise or lots of actionable feedback (or both)!
  • Argh. Right when our iPad seems unable to connect to the App Store... No, it's not hacked :(
  • i did a search, didn't find it, so no they haven't softlaunched in the US (besides it would be immediately be picked up by one of the major news places like Touch Arcade. Bladeslinger has been building up for quite a while.
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