How to get the most out of a game jam

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How to get the most out of a game jam is a rather neat article I came across. Hope people find it useful :)


  • Cool article. I have something to contribute!

    After hearing people talking through their game jam, one of the things I noticed was that it was all descriptive while we all react best to images - and we all know everyone is too busy jamming to actually be taking screenshots of process, so I think it would be great if we all got in a habit of using automatic screenshot programs to just get a bunch down as we worked. Maybe every 5 minutes or 10 or so.

    It would by itself make a great stop-motion video, and you'll easily have stuff to pull for when you're talking about the process.
  • ^ Yes!

    My mind always wonders when I look at slides filled with wall-of-text. I don't know if it's because I'm a visual kinda person.

    Random Google search result, untested <_<
  • I've tried two softwares now, both of them had one niggle - they only saved one of two screens... And I'm used to using the right (secondary) for making stuff... @_@ it's an issue but a minor one.

    This is the software:

    Silly name but it seems to work pretty well.

    For macs? I don't know :P
  • I use my secondary one for reference images, folders, and other unimportant stuff, so that'd actually work great for me. :) Thanks!
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