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Yoyo Games have announced three new additions to Game Maker Studio. The base product is free, but comes with some limitations. Here is a list of the versions available:
GameMaker: Studio [FREE!]

Immediately get started creating high quality games then publish native executables for both Microsoft Windows and OS X with a resource limited FREE version of GameMaker: Studio™.

Limitations within the FREE version can be seen at the bottom of this news post.

GameMaker: Studio STANDARD [$49.99]

Unlock unlimited resources with GameMaker: Studio™ STANDARD and distribute your games to Microsoft Windows and OS X users around the world.

STANDARD customers will be able to upgrade to PROFESSIONAL at any time for $59.99.

GameMaker: Studio PROFESSIONAL [$99]

GameMaker: Studio™ PROFESSIONAL unlocks the full power of GameMaker: Studio™, giving you all the great features of STANDARD with the added ability to purchase and plug-in Android ($199), iOS ($199) and HTML5 ($99) export modules, collaborate within a team through Source Control and monetize your game with an unprecedented amount of Developer Services.

GameMaker: Studio MASTER COLLECTION [$499]

Bringing all of GameMaker: Studio™’s best features and export modules together, GameMaker: Studio™ MASTER COLLECTION gives you the power to create, test, monetize and distribute games to iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and HTML5.


  • So basically if you had "GM Studio" before for $99 you have GM:S Professional, I do however find it frustrating that "Master Collection" is $99 cheaper than buying the modules when you have professional...
  • Yeah, so if you already have supported them by buying studio, you're now screwed out of $99 if you wanna get all the modules. Poo for us then, but I guess the implications are not that severe if you're serious about going to market.
  • Yeah, well, I have seen quite a few success stories from people that have ported their GM games to the other platforms this year as part of the beta and release and have made their money (in the cases where the games were decent enough). It is definitely safe to say it is an investment rather than a huge stumbling block, but it definitely works for me (as I can buy iOS when I am ready, and then when iOS gives me enough back can do Android etc, which better suits my pocket).
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    Those limitations are very restrictive for those developing non-profit games, they kind of force you to buy the licence because what type of game can you build with those limitations?
  • @reflex said:
    Those limitations are very restrictive for those developing non-profit games, they kind of force you to buy the licence because what type of game can you build with those limitations?
    Yeah, the limited version sounds pretty gimped. I guess they have tutorials that will fit inside those restrictions (heck, a lot of my prototypes fit) but I'd recommend going for GM7 or 8 instead, provided you don't feel like paying - their free versions are better featured.

    That said, money for something useful isn't an alien concept. If you see value in the stuff GM's offering, upgrading for the cost of a game or two shouldn't be a big deal :)
  • Just saw an article about how game maker makers are aiming to be the Unity of 2D games soon by giving it more love and attention.

    In it is this line:
    GameMaker: Studio, which works with OS X and Windows, and which builds to those platforms for no additional charge
    That insinuates that there is a development environment for OSX. Which there isn't. Can anyone find anything contrary to that? I couldn't...
  • They've made the whole thing very blurry. I believe what you've linked is the thing that makes the games - ie compile codes into platform-specific executable. I haven't found a Mac version development environment yet. And this page says the IDE (integrated development environment) can only be run on windows...

    I dunno, I think they deliberately make it blurry to compensate for the lack of real support on Mac :(
  • There used to be Game Maker for Mac versions. I believe it was a variant of 8, before they switched over to HTML5 and Studio as their naming convention.

    That's how we made the Mac version of DD, so I definitely have a version of Game Maker working on my Mac. It's just not Studio, yet.
  • Has anyone actually considered looking into Alternative software to Gamemaker?

    There is Construct 2, Stencyl and a few other major ones which seem to be able to produce some really good games.
  • @Landman said:
    Has anyone actually considered looking into Alternative software to Gamemaker?

    There is Construct 2, Stencyl and a few other major ones which seem to be able to produce some really good games.
    Yes. People have :)

    Whether or not something can produce a good game isn't really a concern, anything can. You can write a game in raindrops or you can built one electron by electron on the first hardware to ever crawl out of a swamp.

    When it comes to tools, the only thing anyone should care about is the sum of how much time it's going to take them to learn one vs how long they'll need to use it to build what they're dreaming about. That's different for everyone, a balancing act that's constantly changing as new things appear and new ideas are had.

    As such, all we try to do here objectively is point out where people's estimations of the time required for both are way off the mark, with references to the history of real time spent with these tools. That's why I can say that GM is, in my opinion and experience, the best time-for-output tool out there right now for games where people are trying to find their feet as designers. The addition of more output options for a tool simply reduces the time needed to produce things on multiple platforms. Scirra and Stencyl are both pretty good, they're just not as good at exporting right now. Maybe they will be in the future :)
  • Gamemaker can export to OSX. I actually set mine up last night. All you need is a mac on your local network. When you click build/play, the app gets exported and automatically gets run on the Mac machine.

    Although they don't have a Mac Version of Studio, it still allows you to export to mac and test it "locally".
  • Yeah I know about the export to Mac thing, in fact you also need a Mac to export and test on iPad.

    I was specifically talking about the studio dev environment. Which just means I'll have to bootcamp a Mac when I get one to be able to do my studio work on the go :)
  • Ok I did some digging. Since I decided if I could it would be a good idea to have stuio running in OS X if I wanted to deploy since it would save me time with dual booting.

    The closest I could find about this was on the system requirements
    System Requirements

    GameMaker:Studio IDE

    Windows XP, Vista or 7
    512MB RAM
    128MB graphics
    Screen resolution of 1024×600
  • Came across a roadmap for the expected dev of GM:S.

    GameMaker is now the first non-valve software to be on the Steam Software store, and there is nary a mention of this in my Steam client.
  • we should change the website name to
  • is unfortunately registered to some people who make a sudoku vein game :( is — however — amazing and all mine. And will one day actually have something on it. When I get around to it. Maybe >.>
  • That roadmap is awesome except for the obvious lack of dates. I've asked them about it before but obviously they'll answer everything but those that matter.
  • Hi everyone. Great site. Glad I found other folks in SA using GM.

    @Landman -The Game Creators have made some good tools. FPS Creator (has a freeware version) is excellent for First Person Shooters. The Click Team have a good tool too. HOWEVER, I prefer Game Maker because you can do the click and create style or use the GML or even build your own extensions. Also I find that for amateur/hobby game developers there is a lot more helpful support. For newbies like myself the built in graphics editor is also great (better than the one in The Games Factory). Just my two cents worth. :oD
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