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Greetings Folks,

Been a bit too long since I've posted anything, but I've been looking at getting some work and figured I'd share my portfolio with you guys. For any of you who might be interested in the rest of my work, as the ones I posted in the "New Member, Old 3D Designer" thread is scratching just the surface.

I'm a Automotive designer by heart, but I'm versatile with what needs to be modeled for a set project. In my portfolio I have various different assets ranging from, vehicles, characters, personal game projects to weapons and environments, all of which was inspired by many different games and events. I'm a sci-fi futuristic fan and games, movies, characters, weapons, vehicles and many more have caught my attention and inspired me over the years. I've been working as a 3D designer for the past 14 years.

Avid Game Developer, and enthusiastic 3D Artist. On my portfolio website you can find all the social networks as well as various other websites where I'm active. I have designed various low poly models for web friendly apps such as sketchfab and many open source game projects as well as working on high-end detailed movie models. With these low poly models I'm also able to design extreme high quality models that consist of most (if not all) details required. You can view some of these on the sketchfab portfolio, a word of caution, as the high poly models will load slow as they are fairly big in size and high-end in detail.

Online portfolio:

Sketchfab Interactive Model Portfolio:

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    Nice work. Linking your portfolio to my creative director. :)

    Where are you based?
  • Hi Elyradine,

    Thank you very much for the support, always glad to hear folks who like the work I do. :)

    I'm based in North-West Klerksdorp region. Been working as a freelancer for about 6 years now and doing mostly work outside of South-Africa, though it might be easier to have a solid ground in South Africa as international business can sometimes become a pain with the rand dollar exchange rates.

    Most of the day I'm available for any sort of work related to the 3D Design Sector.
  • Ah, okay. We prefer having people work on site at Luma Arcade in Joburg where possible.
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    As of right now,

    I'm actually in the process of moving to Johannesburg, as Klerksdorp isn't really an aspiring city nor a city that knows much about what Game Development is, haha. So I could always lend a hand to you guys if there is anything that you guys would need for your games.

    Everything is sorted, I just need to move and get it over with haha.
  • Haha, try Bothaville! Really great work, and welcome to Jozi! With your skills I'm sure you'll do great. If you're looking for an extra avenue of income, you should look at some of the private colleges. I don't know if Open Window still has spots, but they pay their short course lecturers pretty well, and your skills are admirable. All the best!
  • @Elyaradine I thought Luma arcade had closed down last year?
  • rumor said:
    @Elyaradine I thought Luma arcade had closed down last year?
    That's a really long, complicated story. But we're still here, under a slightly different banner.
  • @Chippit, Awesome, glad to hear that. Was bleek when I heard it last year as you guys had done some awesome stuff :)
  • Just wow. Particularly liked the Darksiders mod for Skyrim :D
  • Hi 1995499,

    I originally made the Darksiders mod for Oblivion back in the day, with both a male and female version, and later on someone else ported my mod to skyrim. I've got tons of mods I made for Oblivion but never mustered up the courage to port them all for skyrim though.

    Glad to know you like it. And thanks everyone for all the kind words. :)
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