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So, Make Games has been invited to give a talk at Vodacom's conference on mobile games. I want to blow their frikken minds. But I want to do something a bit different for this presentation (going beyond my normal prezi approach). I'd really like to make a presentation in Game Maker or Unity (with maximum juice). I've been teaching myself game maker on the sly, but haven't got the skills yet to have something ready by Tuesday next week....


Could I interest an artsy type and a codey type to help me jam a presentation for Vodacom on Friday? I've got some coding skills necessary so I'm not totally useless. Will pay in beer/pizza/hugs/beverages/food
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  • Why short notice again arrrgh why.

    Evan was awesome with his explodathon presentations. Maybe bug him for template/code/stuff that's readymade and go from there? :)
  • @Tuism, only got asked by Vodacom today :/ Good idea! *shuffles off to bug Evan*
  • Could rough up some GM stuff rather quick if you need :)
  • Be even cooler if you can run the presso OFF A MOBILE DEVICE :D
  • @Tuism, now you've blown my mind...
  • (it's actually pretty easy, I run pressos off my iPhone regularly)
    (but getting a mobile build off game maker or unity would be amazeballs :D)
  • Does game maker studio export to android? Or is that in the paid version?
  • Android export is in the paid (professional) version, +$99. Though I'm sure you'll find someone with it down there?
  • Cool, got the export sorted (Thanks @Karuji)!
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    The talk is good news :)

    Wishing you all of the best with it.

    Some suggestions:
    1) Even though Vodacom gave you such short notice, the talk may be important.

    2) Therefore, rather use straight forward slides than trying to make something in GM or Unity.
    Spend the time making the slides as perfect as possible.

    3) Depending on what platforms they want the talk to be about (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.), the devs here can give you relevant screen shots.
    (You can take whatever you want from if the presentation includes iOS.)

    4) Depending on what devices you have, the devs here can give you relevant builds, which you can show off on the devices, to supplement the slides.

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  • I have to agree with @Dipso. I think a slideshow with some demos people can checkout after the presentation would be more powerful that you trying to write code on stage. The demo gods are mean and you want to pimp MGSA as the resource to turn to for devs, artists, sound engineers, etc.
  • I'd like to help, but I'm not sure what it is you want to accomplish and there may be some here better skilled.

    Dipso is probably right, but once the presentation is done there is no harm in trying to demo something cool, but HTML5 is probably the best bet...and then you can tell the people via the presentation to go to the link on any device.

    PS: What when where is the conference? - I'd like to be there!
  • @Boysano They'd be looking for mobile native app, not a mobile-friendly web app
  • Yes keep it simple, but I don't think it's too much to move a few things in game maker and run it off a phone. It's really just a AV out dongle into their VGA port, after all :)

    When is it, monday? And where is it? In CT?
  • @Tuism Tuesday, Joburg (At Vodaworld in Midrand).

    I've already got a backup prezi just in case I can't get this going. A feel a game as presentation will have a massive impact, but if worse comes to worse my showmanship will just have to do ;)
  • @fengol, you can convert any html5 game to native using apache cordova 3 previously known as phonegap. It only takes few minute to do so.
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