Please vote for our game on Greenlight!

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We are a games studio based in Durban.
Please vote for our upcoming title Monster Truck Racing - Extreme Offroad on Greenlight!



  • I've been seeing news of this all over and wondering where you guys were based. Hope it goes well!
  • The red truck cheats in your video :P

    Looks pretty cool, will you have an "arcade" mode where you disable the damage and nitrous? Or similar different game modes instead of only "racing"?
  • Upvoted. Any change that an old game called Iroman(if I remember correctly) influenced the design?
  • Hi Rigor, yes Ironman did have quite a large part to play in the design of the game.
    Although ultimately we wanted to take arena offroad racing to a new level.
  • Awesome! Definitely upvoting on Steam.

    Some feedback (and if you know the type of games I make you can know what my biases are).

    I'd like the game to be a faster and a lot less floaty. The amount of contact with other drivers seems quite sparse. I loved Ironman (and games like that) for the strategies that emerge around bumping into other players and benefiting from their loss (and at the same time avoiding being messed with by them). There is nothing quite as harsh here as hitting a wall dead on and losing all your momentum (as would happen in Ironman), and the recovery time is also slower (making mistakes that you do make more annoying than in Ironman).

    I felt that Deathrally for IOS felt quite good, in terms of it's car handling (ie, not very realistic, not too much momentum, quick acceleration)

    Also, flames for nitros?

    And pickups?

    Hope this is feedback you can use. I don't mean to be a downer. I think you've got a solid core for a great game here.
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